I'm so done with Major League Baseball

Jay Weber Show transcript 4-5-21

I did a segment earlier about major league baseball’s decision to move the all-star game out of Georgia, in a hard pander to the ‘woke’ left.

It is a new low ....given that it was a complete corporate cave to a left wing America that is

Flat-out lying about Georgia’s new election integrity laws.

Not a single thing about them is racist or limits voting. In fact, most of the provisions in it expand voting hours in the state of Georgia.

And so the Democrats and activist left have simply been lying-flat out- by labeling this bill as racist and Jim Crow.

MLB caved, anyway.

And immediately, a chorus of Milwaukee area voices- from both sides of the aisle- leapt to say...bring the all-star game here. Milwaukee wants it.

It’s a tribute year to hank Aaron. Where better place to have it in Milwaukee.

And the lobbying is already underway to bring the all-star game to Am-Fam field. Tom Barrett and David Bowen have already personally lobbied MLB execs-what a perfect fit- in that Aaron played here, went to Atlanta, then came back and finished his career here.

It’s even symbiotic that the Braves stole Aaron from us, and we would steal their all-star game...etc.

Because I say, screw major league baseball and Commissioner Rob Manfred if they have decided to be corporate activists for the left.

I don’t care that it would bring in more revenue for Milwaukee businesses that are hurting....given that the reason those businesses are hurting is that Barrett and Bowen refuse to let them fully reopen due to covid-19.

Which brings up an immediate hypocrisy: Tom Barrett and his health Nazis down at the city health department just refused to let the Brewers reopen at even25 percent capacity and have banned tailgating outdoors...in huge parking lots where people can spread out.

We-just!-went thru this farce of Barrett and city leaders not allowing for a full stadium. Virtually all of the summer festivals have been canceled. Barrett and Milwaukee officials still won’t allow large groups.

But Barrett is willing to trash all of that- if we can get the all-star game in July?

Summerfest had to be moved to September-but filling that stadium and parking lot with fans in July is just great?

Or- are we only going to allow 18 percent attendance for the all-star game, too?

I’d love to know what sort of capacity numbers Tom Barrett and David Bowen are promising major league baseball if they move the game here.

I have -no interest- in seeing the all-star game here, but I’m betting that that is where it is going to land.

It-is-the most natural transition away from Atlanta, in a year in which Hank Aaron is going to be honored following his death.

The little story lines about the connections between the two ball clubs and the two cities- and Aaron- write themselves, and if Manfred is even a little bit savvy...he will be looking for PR opportunities and messaging that turn the story of this game being moved-away-from the election law controversy and-toward- other baseball-related narratives.

In short- Manfred would be a fool not to move it to Milwaukee.

But as I said earlier: If Major League Baseball has decided to become a corporate extension of the Democrat party, there’s no way we Conservatives and Republicans should support it anymore.

The democrats are -flat out- lying, as they spin this Georgia law as some racist attack on minority voters. ...and the baseball commissioner, Rob Manfred...didn’t even bother to review the law or seek out the truth.

He just completely caved to a few black CEOs and players because he, too, must be a liberal.

He bought the lies completely and folded.

He also proved he and MLB are hugely hypocritical.

MLB has been trying hard to expand their brand into Cuba and china, folks. I think you remember how Joe Biden’s buddy barrack sat at an MLB game in Cuba, not to long ago.

And MLB has been trying for years to expand into china

Both are totalitarian communist dictatorships, and China’s government is currently engaged in a genocide of Muslims that neither baseball nor the NBA’s execs are willing to denounce.

Denouncing-genocide- might harm their profits and future expansion plans. But having their execs and players engage in cheap partisan political games within our borders is apparently okay. Why would we want to let these scumbags off the hook by letting them flip the game here to Milwaukee and spin the narratives away from their own rank hypocrisy and cowardice?

Conservatives pointed out over the weekend that MLB is headquartered in New York-which has more restrictive voter laws than Georgia.

They also pointed out that the other companies who spoke out against Georgia’s voter id provision-require ids themselves- from their customers.

Delta requires proof of id to fly...and coca cola requires proof of id from their shareholders to get into the shareholder meeting.

But it’s horrible that Georgia would require proof of id for voters voting absentee. That’s somehow-racist-or Jim Crow

Well-no one has told the Black or Hispanic communities-because they support voter id laws by huge margins.

A Rasmussen poll last week showed 75 percent of all American voters support voter id laws

And for the lefties in the audience who don’t trust Rasmussen-then how about the left-wing associated press? Their poll found similar results

So the voters -in-the very state that we are arguing over- 3 of every 4 voters- regardless of skin color...support voter id.

Then what? Are we even talking about?

Why is this even controversial?

Only because the democrats are lying about what was in the Georgia reform bill.

I swear to you-that is the only reason.

And sadly, we have a handful of corporate CEOs who are dopes...and leapt to believe the racial smear.

It’s why i said earlier: we can only view major league baseball as an extension of the democrat party now. They need to be put in the same category as the NFL or NBA.

And that should mean that-at the very least- never. Ever. Never. Again, should republicans and conservative’s support taxpayer money going toward new stadiums or venues?


If these league leaders want to use their cultural and corporate power to engage in partisan politics -they should get no support or public funding of any new stadium, arena, or renovation in the future. Never.

And the other CEOs who are under pressure by the activist left to be dragged into the fray- need to stand up to the bullying.

That advice also goes for the republicans in these red states and cities who are being targeted with this corporate extortion.

photo credit: Fox 6 News Milwaukee