Joe Biden told lie after lie about the Southern Border

Jay Weber Show transcript 3-29-21 7:10am

Last Thursday, during his “press conference”, everything that came out of Biden’s face, related to the border, was a lie.

Biden insisted this surge is normal and we see it every year.

No. We don’t. We saw no border surge, at all, in 2017, 2018, or last year. None. There was a slight surge in 2019, but that was it. This is not some ‘annual event’ that spring brought on.

That was a lie.

Biden’s characterization of this as ‘normal’ is also betrayed by the fact that we have record setting numbers of unaccompanied minors and others crossing.

Even Mexico’s president and the migrants themselves blame Joe Biden for this activity.

He tried to blame it on Trump. Everyone else involved, including Mexico’s president and the migrants, themselves, say this is about Biden.

Biden was welcoming. Biden changed the rules, Biden is letting them cross...etc.

The president also claimed that the adult crossers were being turned back. Again. It’s a lie. His own dept. of homeland security admits only thirteen percent of adult crossers are being deported. Just 13 percent. Meaning- 87 percent of adult crossers are not quote being turned back as Biden claimed they are. He lied.

Biden also lied about how this is the same routine that it’s always been, in dealing with the Obama-era surges.

No. It’s not. In Obama’s era, the crossers who were collected were processed and given a court date, in a process that could take a week.

Biden’s border patrol has been told to cut that in-take process down to as short at eight hours, and in the Rio Grande sector now, agents have been instructed to let groups of migrants pass thru without even having a ‘notice to appear’ or court date set.

They also aren’t administering the covid-19 tests to all crossers, as team Biden has promised.

It’s been nothing but lies coming from the Biden admin related to the border. And so it’s not a surprise that they have been blocking media access to the holding facilities and to their border patrol efforts.

A delegation of republicans visited the border the is weekend, including our own Ron Johnson, who was sending me texts from down there-detailing how bad it was-and outlining some of the changes Biden’s admin had made....which had exacerbated the problem.

He sent me some video and photos of the sort that Ted Cruz and the rest of them released to the media. You’ve probably seen them. The facilities they visited were wall -to-wall children in cages, huddled under their foil blankets, as well as hundreds of teenagers and little kids in outside yards that looked like prison yards with no move to run or play or do anything other than stand around in one big group.

Johnson, Cruz, and the others said: this is abuse. Far worse than what we saw when we visited in the Obama era.

Johnson and Cruz, on their boat tour, went past a dead body floating in the river. A crosser who had likely paid a coyote five or six grand to get them into the country.

Also, while they were down there, another nine year old drown trying to cross. This one was a girl. Her mother and an infant also nearly drown. Border agents managed to necessitate her and the baby, but they couldn’t save the nine year old girl.

And again-who are the ones trying to save lives? And to an impossible job, on behalf of the most compassionate country in the world?

Our border agents are. And who is making that impossible? Who is only adding to the death and misery?

Sen. Johnson joined us this morning.

photo credit: Sen. Ron Johnson