HR-1 is the single most dangerous piece of legislation.

Jay Weber Show transcript 3-25-21

The Democrat’s bill to change America’s election laws so that they will never lose another election....was debated in the Senate yesterday.

And the only reassuring thing about this is that-for now- the Democrats don’t have the votes to pass it, due to the filibuster.

But this bill is one of the reasons that they are thinking so hard about engaging in one of the scummiest and outrageous ‘cheats’ in American history, and erasing the filibuster-

In order to ram thru this bill, which is literally one of the key moves they need to make in order to take permanent control of this country.

For now- Schumer doesn’t have the votes. In fact, it’s not certain that all of his democrat senators support this bill, because it so radically changes the nature of US elections.

I am certain that it-absolutely-contains some unconstitutional provisions.

Without a doubt-some of what the Dems are trying to do in this bill is unconstitutional-

But that’s the reason that another part of their takeover plan is to stack the Supreme Court with new liberal members and take permanent control of that branch of government.

For now-if this bill was challenged at the Supreme Court level- there are certainly parts of it that would be ruled unconstitutional.

The problem with our modern-day supreme court is that they never toss out a massive package like this- in its entirety. These chumps on the court would probably let the rest of the democrat’s terrible cheating schemes stand...

So- it is better that this ‘democrat cheating bill’ never be passed in the first place but Chuck Schumer is planning on pushing this -and other- extreme agenda items to the limit-and insist on floor votes.

Normally, a senate majority leader wouldn’t even waste time on bills that he obviously couldn’t get past the filibuster-but I’ve cued you in on the Dem’s strategy here: Schumer and Pelosi intend to crash wave after wave of lefty legislation up against the filibuster wall.... In order to make their fellow democrats and activist groups angrier, and angrier, and angrier, at the republicans.

They want their activists so mad that they are targeting any hold-out democrats and demanding that they cave and agree to kill off the filibuster.

Or- they want those senate Dem holdouts to come to the decision on their own. After a run of frustrating losses.

So this is the Pelosi/Schumer strategy, according to the DC insiders.

Now-I could see the strategy backfiring, possibly in a big way.

Think about this: if this gambit doesn’t have the desired effect, and Pelosi and Schumer can’t end the filibuster and ram home all of their radical ideas...then what did the American people see at the end of this session?

The democrat activists saw another feckless democrat controlled congress that was too gutless to get anything done-

And- the rest of the country, republicans, independents, and moderate democrats- well-they just witnessed a litany of truly radical ideas that they do not support-be attempted to be rammed thru congress- proving today’s democrat leaders are too radical..

And! The American people will have seen the senate republicans as the ones who stood in the way of this radicalization of the country!

How does that play, come election time?

Folks- McConnell, McCarthy, Rona McDaniel’s, and the leaders of the Republican Party are trying to regroup by telling the American people: we, the republicans, are the only ones standing between you and socialism.

The GOP is your only hope to preserve and protect the country you love. Its traditions. It’s capitalist system...

And this gambit by Pelosi and Schumer would play right into that, correct?

Talk about great PR for the republicans in 2022 and 2024-

See? We blocked schemes to have democrats hijack the election process, cheat and make dc and Puerto Rico states, steal the Supreme Court, etc., etc...

Apparently, the democrats are so certain that the American people support the most radical parts of their agenda that they are willing to show the entire country how they want to ruin us-and then have tense show-down votes in the senate on it.


Sounds good to me. I can see this backfiring in a big way.

Because this gambit to force their fellow democrats to agree to end the filibuster, I believe, ends in flames.

I am worried that Schumer and Biden activists will be able to apply enough pressure to Machin, Sinema, Feinstein, Tester, etc....but when push comes to shove...i don’t believe they’ll be able to do it.

Because these veteran senators know what a ‘scorched earth’ senate will look like. They know better than anyone what Mitch McConnell is talking about.

He’s’ got a dozen ways to lock up the senate and ensure nothing gets done-

Starting with the quorum call. If Schumer can’t get 51 senators to agree to even open the daily sessions, he cannot proceed.

And so- if the 50 republicans agree to simply not show up- no work gets done ever. Because Schumer doesn’t have 51 members to constitute a quorum on his own. He only has 50. The VP doesn’t count.

That’s just the first thing republicans could do...and they might only need that -one-move: let’s just not show up and ensure that Pelosi and Schumer’s plan to rig all future elections never gets passed...

And i know we have some squishy GOP senators-but come on-

This is a great ‘showdown’ issue: what republican would agree to vote for a package of bills that gives the other party- perpetual control- of this country?

And so-the floor debate yesterday got heated, at times. Chuck Schumer came unhinged, during his floor time, clearly putting on an angry performance for the activist left.

Schumer actually said ‘shame on you republicans. Shame. Shame’.

What a tool.

McConnell fired right back- saying- shame on you-for trying to permanently steal all future elections...

Because that’s what this bill would do.

And those are only a few ways that it’s a terribly dishonest bill.

I also believe it is unconstitutional, because it takes the control over our elections away from the states.

The founders insisted that it was the states who would set their own rules for their own elections, not the federal government. And the very ‘effort’ here by Pelosi and the democrats is unconstitutional.

They argue that we need to federalize election law so that we don’t have a Hodge podge of ‘confusing’ laws in the states. That runs directly against what the founders intended, and why they insisted the states run the national elections.

This bill should be a non-starter. Especially in such a divided congress.

Instead-the democrats need to ram it thru, and will look for any way to do it.


I want to pick up where I left off on HR-1, Nancy Pelosi’s dream bill- and one of the most important cogs in the democrat’s attempt to take permanent control of this country.

It’s their election cheating bill. It rewrites election laws so dramatically, and engrains so many of the Democrat’s current and past cheating schemes into law that it is likely the republicans would never win another national election, and would likely have a hard time ever controlling congress or the White House again.

The bill is that bad.

It is a bill that institutionalizes the democrat’s cheating schemes and rigs the process their way-in a big way. And they are trying to insist it would simply assure ‘fair’ elections.

There is nothing fair about any part of this bill...and any democrat or liberal who has even a modicum of honesty or common sense left...would have to agree.

Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and others, accurately portrayed this during yesterday’s floor debate.

This is democrats trying to permanently steal all future elections...

Cruz called it the ‘single most dangerous bill the congress has ever considered’. He said it would promote widespread fraud and illegal voting and was designed to corrupt the voting process permanently.

And that’s what it does. That is what the democrats designed it to do .And in today’s DC, they don’t even need to try to hide it, because they know so many of their voters are Kool-Aid drinkers and/or low information idiots that they’ll just go along with it.

This bill would legalize ballot harvesting, which democrats in states like California have found they can use to their great advantage. It opens up several new ways to cheat.

This bill creates a publicly funded campaign finance system- a system in which we, the taxpayers, are the ones really funding the candidate’s campaigns...with an outrageous six to one match-on every dollar they’d raise on their own. That’s insane.

This bill rigs the federal election commission in the Dems favor. It has always been a 3-3 panel, but this would change it to a 2-2 panel, with a fifth member appointed by the president-

Well-if the president is going to ‘forever’ be a democrat-then the democrats will have ‘forever’ control of the FEC won’t they?

This bill forces all states to have quote independent panels draw their congressional boundaries, not the state legislatures. It takes that process out of the hands of the states and puts it into the hands of rigged, handpicked, partisan groups that democrats will pretend are impartial.

This bill virtually engrains mail-in voting into the standard way to vote, and encourages ballots to be mailed out- unsecured. It’s a train wreck in every way.

And it is a sad excuse the Dems give for an alleged ‘need’ to pass this bill: we have to stop the GOP’s attempts to ‘limit’ voting with voter id laws and such.

All republican lawmakers in the states are trying to do is ensure fair elections. Voter id laws are supported by 7o to 75 percent of the people in this country. Two new polls came out just this week to prove it Black, Hispanic, white-every racial demo- supports voter id in overwhelming numbers. In fact, Hispanic Americans support voter id by something like 78 percent...and so...the democrats are insisting what?

That they are going to protect us from ourselves? They are going to counter what the American people ‘want’ with what they think the American people ‘need’ instead?

That sounds about right for a bullying, totalitarian party, yeah.

We’ve talked about the filibuster and the high stakes surrounding it...but sticking with this election theft bill for the moment...

It is again, Joe Manchin, who might screw things up for Chuck Schumer and deny the Dems even a simple majority vote on this bill.

Manchin is getting heavy pressure from his constituents and interest groups back home in West Virginia to oppose Pelosi’s cheating bill...and he is the only democrat in the entire senate who has not signed on as a sponsor to the legislation.

Beautiful. That is additional reassurance that this election cheating bill is dead for this session...but that doesn’t mean the Dems won’t bring it back if they can get the numbers two years from now...

Or even try to slide it into some reconciliation bill and cheat it thru that way.

We cannot assume that today’s democrats are going to follow any rules-or any sense of basic decency-anymore, when it comes to getting their way.

And sadly, I’m not exaggerating.

The republic is at stake here, my friends. We cannot let this current batch of radical democrats use a narrow window and a the narrowest of majorities to implement their long-time plans to steal control of this country permanently...for themselves.

Folks. Voter id is-not-controversial, and never has been. These numbers have not moved significantly in over 15 years, when we started polling on the question, even though the democrats have relentlessly tried to convince the American people that voter id laws are a bad, or even racist, idea.

We aren’t buying it and we don’t want dc in charge of our elections.

And we certainly don’t want democrat to rig the game in their favor- now and forever- with this disgusting, anti-American bill they want to shove thru.

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