Our interview with Sen. Ron Johnson went national for the wrong reasons

Jay Weber Show transcript 2-17-21 7:10am

My friends. Pretty regularly, we have a guest on this show that says something that gets picked up by the outside news media and goes national.

That isn’t unique, or rare. I’ll see the story pop up on two or three national websites as I’m prepping for the next show.

But what-is rare- is to have virtually every major news outlet in America run the story.

But that’s what happened with some comments that Ron Johnson made during our interview Monday.

Every media outlet state and national, seemed to run or post this story. The Washington post used it. The audio clip was run numerous times on MSNBC yesterday, as their lefty hosts twisted it’s meaning and used it so smear Johnson.

It was everywhere.

That was rare.

But what was really unprecedented, for something that was taken off of this show, was how thoroughly wrong and misleading the lefty media’s spin on it was.

What Ron Johnson said, in context, wasn’t even a controversial comment, folks. And so, this showed me, again, what a huge target the democrats have put on Senator Johnson’s back. Ooooo, they want him gone.

He’s up for re-election in 2022 and hasn’t said whether he will run again. The democrats and their media accomplices were going to ‘come hard’ after Ron Johnson no matter what, because the democrats think it is a seat they could steal,

But i believe this early, super-focused jihad against Johnson is an attempt to even discourage him from running.

The democrats know the power of incumbency in congress...and they know that an open seat would be easier for them to win. So they are going to hound Ron Johnson at every turn.

And even go so far as to- twist and misrepresent what he said- and even fact check that twisted version of what he said.

The Journal/Sentinel’s Poltifact on this was the topper, for me. Because it was a fact check on...ruminations. Perceptions. Not facts.

Ron Johnson, when he said this capitol riot didn’t seem like an armed insurrection to him, was in the midst of talking about how we need answers and an investigation into what happened. Why there wasn’t more security. How organized the rioters really were.

This is what we were talking about, and his point was that he was sitting in his office when the riot occurred, and his initial perception was that it wasn’t that bad. The video he saw afterward was mostly people walking thru the capitol with cell phones...staying within the rope lines.

Johnson said-it wasn’t until the impeachment trial that he saw the sort of scary video that the democrats had kept from the public. And then, yeah, the riot took on a different context.

And we need answers. To questions such as: was this an ‘armed insurrection’ as the Dems and media keep labeling it.

He didn’t see anyone who was armed? What were they armed with?-Johnson was pondering in our interview? How many had weapons, and what were they? Guns? Because i saw no guns in the videos, he said...

This is the context in which Johnson made those remarks on our air.

And then- a few hours later- it’s gone national as: Ron Johnson is still downplaying the riots and scoffs at the notion it was armed insurrection.

Their lefty take away was dishonest and twisted, because they processed what they heard thru their activist lefty filter, and heard what they wanted to hear. So- a smear story went national, and is starting day three of circulation today on the lefty media outlets.

And of course- Ron Johnson is now smeared with this for all-time. The left wing talking heads will parrot and repeat this unfair smear...between now and the time he leaves office.It’ll be used in ads two years from now- to smear him.

And nothing he said was actually controversial.


Nancy Pelosi says we need to form a commission to get more answers about January sixth’s riot.So how is Ron Johnson some ‘Trump defending scumbag’ for suggesting the exact same thing on conservative talk radio?

That’s all he was suggesting. Let’s get an honest and accurate snapshot of what happened-because the narrative on what was-in truth- a much disorganized riot and had none of the hallmarks of a serious, armed, insurrection- has been totally blown out of proportion. Weeks later, after all of the lefty media’s exaggeration and spin, they describe something very different than what we saw that day.

And we do need answers. And Johnson said nothing wrong or controversial. It was taken out of context and virtually every media outlet in America published a very misleading story about it -or had their idiot cable analysts pontificating on a false smear.

And- as for the J/S fact check-

Sorry, I just can’t let this go without comment. This Politifact-of something that Johnson wasn’t stating as fact- blew me out of the water.

Because it came after the j/s had been scooped on the story by just about every major national media outlet...and after Dan O’Donnell had just done an analysis of past Politifacts that proves the j/s fact checkers are biased as hell.

They do far more ‘fact checks’ on republicans than democrats and give far more republican statements a ‘false or lie’ rating...than they do democrat statements.

But this wasn’t even a statement by Johnson. They fact checked...his ponderings.

He was saying...I wonder what sort of weapons were recovered because this didn’t seem like an armed insurrection to me.

False! Fact check! That’s a false statement! Johnson’s spreading false facts!

What? He was pondering a question. How do you fact check a question?

I wonder if it’ll snow today: false. Liar! Liiaarrr!

I asked if it was Tuesday.

Do you understand how asinine the J/S Politifact was?

is the New Ford F-150 out yet? Because i haven’t seen it.....liar! False! You’re a dirty liiaarrr!!!

How do you fact check a query? And call the person asking the question a liar?

The J/S fact check was -just bizarre-and way out of bounds.

But the kicker to me was that it came after the local newspaper-who has reporters who listen to this show- got scooped on the story!

My god, MSNBC- was on it-for hours-before anyone at the J/S decided it might be worth going back and listening to the podcast because they missed a story in their own back yard.

And by the way: credit where it is due- the Wisconsin state journal initially missed this story, too, but the reporter clearly went back and reported honestly on the interview. The headline the Madison newspaper had was still misleading and meant to smear Johnson, but the actual story was quite fair, i thought. It put into context the larger conversation we were having. Virtually no other accounts did.

And who knows? Maybe a more honest j/s reporter heard the interview on Monday and actually understood what Johnson was saying- and that he didn’t say anything controversial- so they didn’t rush to report a fake story.

But then why double back on it, and report the fake story that the national news outlets were reporting? 12 hours later?

And why go out of your way to Politifact a story that you knew was fake? Or at least seriously taken out of context?

In fact-the honest fact check would have been: did Ron Johnson downplay the capitol rioting in this interview?

That would have been an act of honest journalism or fact checking: this story went national suggesting Ron Johnson is still downplaying the capitol riot? Was he really? We fact check the narrative after going back to hear the full interview and get the full story.

That would have been honest, useful, journalism.

Instead-the J/S fraudulent fact checkers leap to fact check....a query? A rumination? A ponder?

I’ve never seen it before- in all of the years that these silly Politifactfact checks have existed.

But it opens all sorts of new possibilities for the rabidly left wing Politifact team, doesn’t it? Apparently, they can fact check any random thought or query, now.

Does Governor Evers seem thinner to you? False! Liar....you’re such a liiaaar!!!