It really was a bad week for Democrats

Jay Weber Show transcript 2-15-21 6:40am

It really was a bad week for democrats last week.

It ended with Donald Trump’s acquittal after an embarrassing Saturday in which Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment team tried to call witnesses, and were initially told yes, but then had no idea how to proceed, and that led to republicans threatening to call hundreds of witnesses of their own and extend the trial for months-with Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris first on the list to be deposed and testify....

That rattled Schumer and senate dems so much that they backed off and- when it was discovered that neither Schumer, nor the impeachment lawyers, had any idea what came next....they just ended it. Held a vote to acquit.

But the week started out with the news that at least two democrats- Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema- and maybe more- have no interest in voting for Biden’s’ covid-19 relief package if it includes a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage.

Then came three days of Biden’s white house press team totally botching up the messaging on school reopening’s-

And by the way-did you see how that ended? Just as i predicted it would: the CDC guidelines that were released Friday following ‘discussions’ with the teachers unions actually just give the unions more cover to keep these schools closed longer-instead of reopening.

So it was an official Biden cave to the predicted.

Then the week got worse as the petition to recall California governor Gavin Newsome officially hit 1.5-million signatures and counting-which means they will be well above that number and will force a recall.

And as that was happening in Cali-across the country in NY-both republicans and democrats were starting to call on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign after-on Thursday-an aide to Cuomo admitted that they had lied in the state records-and to the public-about the number of covid-19 deaths in nursing homes that one of Cuomo’s decisions made worse...

Oh-and then for good measure: the Lincoln project totally imploded- exposing all of those

‘Disciplined, true conservatives, who hated nothing more than grifters, charlatans, and perverts.

Yeah. Tough week for democrats.

Let me walk thru a few of those in more detail...starting with the recall on Newsome out in California.

Those who want to force a recall election need 1.5-million votes by March first, they have officially turned in that many, already, and want to submit 1.8 million or more before the clock runs out.

They want to be sure than any invalid names aren’t going to keep this from happening.

And it is important to note that the organizers could only reach this number of signatures because the effort to recall Gov. Newsome has really snowballed over the last few weeks.

They also have 39-million deaths is nine times more deaths than Wisconsin has.

We have only about 6 million residents...or about one sixth of the residents they do...meaning they’d have about 30 or 35 -million deaths if they were on par with our covid-19 death toll...instead theirs is far worse.

So consider that-thanks to the republican lawsuit early on-Wisconsin’s economy has been largely open. Far more open than California’s has.

Newsome has had California in a state of extreme lockdown for most of the last year...and yet their death percentage is much worse than ours.

These blue state governors have been a complete failure.

California’s death toll is higher than it should be. New York’s is. Wisconsin’s would be-if Gov. Evers had had his way- i have no doubt.

Thank god republicans stepped in to keep Evers from going to extremes.

And what’s striking is that the more these democrat governors ‘managed’ the crisis...the worse their infection and death rates have become.

It really is something.

Everyone knew Gov. Cuomo’s order to put covid-19 patients into nursing homes was a bad idea that cost lives-

But the clown got all sorts of praise from the lefty media for his handling of the pandemic. He wrote a book about how to ‘manage a pandemic properly’.He got an Emmy award for his daily press briefings-

And I’m not kidding about that.

And this was all-after- we knew he had made a really stupid decision and put covid-19 patients in with our most vulnerable population and caused thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Please remember that all of those accolades, the book, and the Emmy-call came-after- he had unnecessarily killed thousands of New York state nursing home patients.

And the heat has been growing to learn the true scope of the damage Cuomo’s decision has done out there.... To the point that last week Thursday...among group of of Cuomo’s aides just flat-out admitted: we lied about the numbers. We lied to the state stat keepers. We lied to the public.

We panicked and we lied.

And so now- people on both sides of the aisle are calling for a federal investigation. Some are calling on Cuomo to resign.

Folks- NY city’s incompetent mayor Bill deBlasio is blasting Cuomo and insisting we fully investigate-because deBlasio and Cuomo hate each other...

This is getting good.

But the estimate is Cuomo’s decision led to fifteen-thousand unnecessary deaths....not the six- thousand that was initially attributed to it.

Fifteen-thousand-members of NY State’s elderly community died of covid-19....thanks to Cuomo’s boneheaded decision, is the new estimate.

But- Cuomo’s political career may be cooked.

Meanwhile-the nasty, venomous, hateful, wildly dishonest Trump hating group ‘the Lincoln Project’ imploded over the weekend.

It is hard to imagine it will continue to exist, or be much of a political player, after the main player still keeping it together resigned over the weekend.

This was the scummy Steve Schmidt...whom I’ve criticized for over a decade now...ever since he screwed up John McCain’s campaign for president.

He’s been sitting on cable news panels trashing republicans and conservatives ever since...ostensibly as a ‘republican’ himself. But he’s not-and I don’t believe- ever really was.

But on the question of whether Schmidt knew weaver was a man who preyed on and groomed young men-the answer is almost certainly ‘yes’.

Apparently, this was an open secret among that wing of the party with Weaver in it. Everyone around the man seemed to know that he was being inappropriate with young men...

And I have to assume John McCain would have been included in that.

His horrid daughter-Megan McCain-tried to help her dead daddy save face over the weekend by claiming John McCain hated these two...but it was John McCain who elevated them into positions of national prominence.

John McCain hired them to run his national campaign and made them famous and ‘bankable’. So he was weaver’s enabler. And Megan McCain knows it

John McCain-elevated these two men to national prominence. He probably knew about weaver’s proclivities.

But here’s daddy’s little girl trying to do some PR cleanup for him years after he’s’ dead.


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