The GOP is actually in pretty good shape

Jay Weber Show transcript 2-11-21

I did a segment earlier about how the American people aren’t watching this impeachment trial...and neither side in Washington DC really thinks this is anything other than more cheap political game playing by Democrats.

It has already backfired on them, in that it brought the Republicans in DC back together after Trump’s loss, and put them largely on the same page again.

In short: this bogus second impeachment reminded them that the common and much more dangerous enemy still exists.

I also explained why there is no way seventeen republicans in the senate decide to ‘vote their conscience’ and go against the party to convict trump of this illegitimate ‘incitement’ charge.

The short answer is that-there is zero incentive-for the vast majority of these republican senators to do so.

They are not beholden to the MSNBC crowd, or the DC or NY voters-

They are beholden to the people back home who put them into office- and back home- trump is still very popular and-as a new CBS poll shows seven in ten republicans say they would view a vote against Trump by a GOP senator as disloyal to the party.

Majority favor conviction as impeachment trial begins, but many Republicans urge loyalty to Trump — CBS News poll

Not just disloyal to trump. But also disloyal to the party. And 8 in 10 republicans still say they support trump.

In fact- even as a new gallop poll suggests that the image of the Republican Party has taken a hit here-

It shows that it has taken a hit with republicans more so than independents and democrats-

Meaning that- once a disillusioned few take some time to regroup and pull themselves together and rejoin the fight- the party will be as strong as it ever was.

The lefties want to view this gallop poll as bad for the GOP- I see it as remarkably good news: this is still a unified party, even if there are some disillusioned occupants in the tent:

Huh. Could that be democrats disillusioned by a few ugly weeks of Biden?

More likely its’ a few democrats saying ‘now that trump is gone the party’s better off. I hate it less’.

But the GOP doesn’t have any independent voters questioning its focus or its priorities.And only twelve percent of republicans are.

I’d say that is a remarkably unified party, given all we have been through.

GOP candidates won in dozens of congressional districts in which they weren’t supposed to, and the democrats didn’t win control of the senate-outright-as they were supposed to.

Additionally, republicans added to the number of governorships and legislatures they control.

I feel like I need to keep reminding you: if you take away the crushing trump loss-that was so consequential to the party and the country-

The GOP actually had a very good 2020 election.

And so long as it doesn’t splinter, there’s no reason to believe that 2022 won’t be another strong showing.

I have rejected this prevailing narrative that ‘the GOP is screwed now. It splinters now, after Trump’.

No. It doesn’t.

Not if trump says in the party and helps candidates get elected in 2022.

This deep dive into the exit polls also shows:

This is a very positive snapshot of where the republican party-really is- versus where the left wing glitterati media keep insisting it is.

And it doesn’t surprise me.

I’ve never bought into this idea that this was a party ...or a long as everyone just calmed down and those on the edges of it who keep wanting to push purity tests on the rest of us would just back off.

And as the exit poll analysis suggested: our best asset now- is Joe Biden.

Democrats-always-overreach once they get power. And in 35 years of doing this, I have never seen a bigger overreach than what Biden and the democrats are doing right now.

This man and his party have yet to make a single move that benefits the American people, but Biden has made dozens of moves that work against us-

From killing off the keystone pipeline and blocking more drilling on federal reopening our borders to a flood of refusing to reopen our schools even though we know it’s safe for both the kids and the staffers...

To forcing men and boys into girls sports and locker rooms-

Joe Biden hasn’t done a single positive thing for America and remember-this is the time in which the democrats think he’s having a ‘honeymoon’ with the American people.

Right now? If you are a DC or NY lefty?

Oh my god. This is going so well. President Biden’s getting so much done for us....

They are going to call this! The stretch in which Biden was ‘winning’!!

photo credit: Getty Images