America protects morons

Jay Weber Show transcript 2-10-21

My friends, I could easily make the argument that one of America’s great 21st century weaknesses, is that we spent so much time as 20th century Americans protecting the weak idiots among us.

And I’m not kidding. It’s a working theory that i would love to see some daring sociologists tackle is one of America’s ‘great mistakes that this country grew so wealthy and prosperous during the twentieth century that we literally made it one of our focuses to protect the weakest and dimmest among us?

Did we break the natural laws related to the survival of the fittest?

And I’m not talking about some third reichian purification program that would have us gassing the mentally or physically challenged among us. Don’t lay that foolish rap on me.

I’m talking about- making it easy for all sorts of people who simply ‘aren’t very bright’ to exist and succeed in American society.

Did we hand all sorts of people positions of power that they didn’t deserve and that clearly haven’t served us well, as a society?

Because, let’s face it: America has been protecting people who otherwise would have ‘done themselves in’...or should have at least felt some consequences for their stupid decisions...

And instead...we’ve excused away their stupidity and even defended their foolish actions?

I give you-as a perfect example- this Louisiana woman who used gorilla glue on her hair...and is now suing the company because they never said-on the bottle-that it couldn’t be used as a hair spray.

Why should this moron...exist?

And why can’t we call her a moron and say: shave your head, learn your lesson, and move on?

This woman used Gorilla Glue instead of hair spray. She ended up in the hospital

Instead-she’s suing...and has set up a go-fund-me account....which has-so far- netted her over 13-thousand dollars!

This woman has had a few hundred people actually donate money to her, after her story went viral.


Why would you reward this idiot-with cash?

Because i feel sorry for her?

Why. She’s an idiot.

But that makes you so uncaring.

No it doesn’t. I care enough about her to say: shave your head, learn your lesson, and move on.

Excusing away her stupidity and even rewarding her for it -is not ‘caring’ about your fellow man.

If you missed the story: this woman who looks to be in her somehow she’s managed to live this long despite being a moron...ran out of hair spray.

But she found some ‘spray on’ gorilla glue laying around. And if you know anything about gorilla glue it is called gorilla glue...because it is a super-strong glue.

I’ve used it.

You’d better have whatever it is that you are gluing lined up and in place...and better be ready to make quick adjustments...because it sets fast and that joint will-never- let go. The wood or plastic or whatever you are gluing will break around it-before that joint will ever let go.

Tessica brown- the woman, is now suing because the warnings that are all over the bottle don’t say you shouldn’t use it as a hair spray.

Honest to god. She’s suing.

Jeez...can a person be that dumb?

Meanwhile- she set up a GoFundMe page to her medical bills...and it raised thirteen thousand dollars in just a few days.

What medical bills?

Shave your head...and grow it out. That’s what Tessica can do now.

And if she loses the top layer of skin in the process-so be it. She learned a lesson.

Instead, nearly a thousand people have already chipped in to reward her stupidity.

Also- a plastic surgeon has offered free treatment to help her free her hair from her head.

But it sounds like this woman has been trying to save her hair...instead of just admitting she’s got to shave it off and start over.

Buy a few wigs-because- baldness is the consequence of your stupidity.

And here’s the kicker: Tessica will probably be a congressmen in two years. Because she’s at least as smart as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, isn’t she?

The woman who didn’t know what a garbage disposal is...and went from screwing up drink orders as a bartender- straight into congress?

Tell me that AOC isn’t as dumb as Tessica...and there’s no way she would have mistaken gorilla glue for hair spray.

So back to my supposition: is one of America’s great weaknesses, that we have spent so much time protecting and excusing away -and even promoting to positions of power- the idiots amongst us?

I’d argue that it is.

And I have another example: the LA Times columnist who is such a bitter fool that she had a meltdown when her trump-supporting neighbors cleared her driveway for her.

Have you seen this story?

Column: What can you do about the Trumpites next door?

So...does Virginia Heffernan have a low IQ? Or a mental disorder?

Because it’s one of the two. And yet-she’s floated thru life and has been promoted to being a columnist at a lefty newspaper.

And here’s the answer as to why Heffernan spends an entire newspaper column wondering what’s wrong with her neighbor...and how he can be hold such terrible views and yet...commit an act of kindness.

Here’s why Heffernan cannot figure out her neighbor: because-she- is the one with the problem, right?

She’s the one who is missing some gaps in her social intelligence, and she is the one who is the arrogant, elite snob who has come to all sorts of preconceived notions and conclusions about what a ‘trump supporter’ is.

And she’s wrong about what she ‘knows’ about trump supporters. What she ‘knows’ doesn’t lie up at all with reality.

And that’s why she cannot figure out her neighbor. He’s not complex, or a mystery. She’s a moron working off of false premises.

She’s like a chimpanzee trying to get a treat out of a puzzle box.

And the class of American elitists she was born into have protected her and coddled her entire life.

And society is worse off for it.

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