The Woke Purge has begun. Big Tech fascist cleansing goes into overdrive

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-11-21 8:07am

A new poll over the weekend suggests 71 percent of trump voters believe the country is headed toward a civil war.

And get this- 40 percent of Biden supporters agree.

Those results should surprise no one- especially after last Wednesday’s unrest at the capitol- and the reaction to it from the left side of the aisle -ever since.

Instead of calling for calm. Instead of working to lower the temperature and moderate their tone- every democrat in a position of power decided to pour gasoline on the political fire, instead.

Every single one: from Pelosi and Schumer to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The guy who ran on a platform of unity and unifying the country, Joe Biden, has spent the last four days working, instead, to enflame and widen the divide.

The lefty media isn’t going to focus on it, of course, but of all of the despicable actions and actors that we have seen from the left over the last four days- Joe Biden is among the worst.

The left is enjoying it’s ‘woke purge’. It’s Reichstag fire moment, if you will, and Biden and Kamala Harris are just ‘joining in the fun’...instead of calling for unity, calling for calmer heads, standing up for free speech and free expression.

This is all very disappointing, but not surprising, if you have been listening to this show for any length of time. You know that today’s lefty leaders are really putrid, scummy people.

And they want to label trump and his supporters as racist and fascist...but the last four days have revealed who the true fascists are-

And they are exploiting this moment to the hilt.

And sadly- at least a couple of squishy dopes and trump haters on the GOP side are helping them. Adding legitimacy to their -very-illegitimate and unconstitutional urging corporate America to block and ban conservatives...and supporting illegitimate impeachment and 25th amendment moves. Supporting Pelosi’s unconstitutional grab to get the nuclear launch codes.

The left is trying to take maximum advantage of last Wednesday’s overzealous slip by a small sliver of Trump fans...

And I’m furious that Trump with his rhetoric and these rioting dopes...with their actions, have given democrats this chance.

Imagine how much differently Trump’s final weeks would be...coming to an end...if not for last week’s riot.

Man-it was stupid.

And it has given democrats the opening to not just vilify and try to cancel and smear any conservatives, republicans and trump supporters...but this moment of enflamed passions and a lack of common sense-

It has given the democrats an opening to criminalize any opposition to their platform.

Folks-that is what the democrats have been trying to do over the last four days- by recruiting amazon, google, twitter and others in corporate America into cleansing the country of any conservative expression or thought: from Biden and Pelosi on down-these democrats are trying to make it a crime to oppose their increasingly radical, increasingly socialist-agenda.

And this small gaggle of rioting dopes gave them the opening.

And their equally putrid accomplices in the media have been working in hyper drive to silence conservatives and bring about permanent left wing control of this country.

The coverage from the Wash Post, NY Times, CNN, MSNBC-has never been more egregiously biased and slanted.

And it is because-after five years of smearing and tearing down Trump....MSM liberals who were certain they helped make trump a one-termer...and who therefore, were already feeling empowered-

Now smell blood in the water-and a chance to cancel all conservatives and conservative thought in America...and bring about that permanent left-wing majority many of them have been dreaming about for 40 years.

And-as for social media CEOs....after five years of clandestinely helping democrats smear trump and silence conservatives, last weeks’ invasion of the capitol has given them the excuse they need to openly-publicly- engage in a jihad to cleanse all conservative voices from their platforms and the arena of public debate.

Folks-in 2021...Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc-they are!- the arena of public debate.

That might have been a Boston street corner or the steps of the courthouse in colonial America. In today’s America- it’s social media.

And all of their CEOs over the weekend- moved to cleanse their platforms of conservative debate. It started with twitter and Facebook temporarily banning the White House sites on Thursday of last week-and by Saturday evening-it had blossomed into these sights not only shutting down trump...but shutting down dozens or hundreds of well-known and ‘blue check’ Trump supporters....and being willing participants in a witch hunt to cleanse their platforms.

And-since right now-there’s really only one social media platform that is friendly for conservatives- Parler-

And because Parler wouldn’t censor Trump on their own-

The other, bigger, bullies got together to silence Parler any way they could. Refuse to offer it’s app to be downloaded from their app stores and off of their platforms-

And since Parler’s service platform is actually amazon-by Saturday- Jeff Bezos and amazon were shutting down Parler. Saying- figure out your own way to stay viable...without using our infrastructure.

Folks this is a high tech fascist cleansing that we are seeing.

From Twitter to Apple to Facebook to amazon- all of their CEOs were insisting that this is about being responsible and not supporting violent content or content that would encourage social unrest-

And folks- these are social media companies that allow the Iranian mullahs to put ‘death to America’ and daily threats to eliminate Israel on their sites.

These are social media companies that never thought twice about allowing Muslim terrorist groups use their platforms to organize, including ISIS. It took huge pressure campaigns by western governments to get them to stop aiding jihadists.

These are the platforms that allow all sorts of crazy, harmful products and ideas to be trafficked and sold on their websites- from fringe groups, to terror groups, to groups supporting pedophiles and bestiality...

But ....Wednesday...

Last Wednesday...some misguided and yet vaguely couched comments from the president went too far.So now anyone who calls themselves a conservative or republican needs to be purged and silenced.

A few hundred fools broke into the u-s capitol...and the only way to fix this is to criminalize all dissent from or criticism of...the socialist progressive platform.

This is -dangerously-crazy.

Folks-it isn’t trump’s speech or the small riot that followed that endangered the republic. 90 percent of the country reacted appropriately to that-and condemned it.

It is the moves and maneuvering that has followed on the left and in their accomplice media that is endangering the republic.

Because 75-million voters and the people from that sea of red states in between the coasts. Isn’t going to stand for it...and isn’t going to be silenced.

The actions of the democrats over the last week are pushing this country into a civil war if they don’t relent.

And it is now platforms like twitter and Facebook and powerful companies like apple and google and Amazon. That are now enemies of the people.

On Twitter and Facebook-Trump got canceled and silenced but so conservative Brandon Straka who created the ‘walk away’ movement. He and all of his material was scrubbed from Facebook on Friday.

Scott Atlas got canceled from Twitter simply for agreeing with Trump’s covid response and questioning Biden’s.

Michael Flynn and his lawyer, Sydney Powell-banned from twitter. Kevin McCullough. A conservative columnist... A site called techno fog...that covered Michael Flynn’s legal saga....

Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh-intentionally- suspended their Twitter accounts and left the platform in solidarity with trump.

Other conservatives still on it have mysteriously seen huge chunks of their followers disappear by the thousands. Byron York suddenly had 50-thousand followers disappear .Britt Hume several thousand.

I, myself, have about 3-thousand fewer followers than I did on Friday. That could be people leaving twitter on their own- or it could be some twitter algorithm that erased them. I’ve had my feed censored and slowed before...

But-either way-they are gone.

And this is a chilling sign of the tyranny to come, if we don’t push back on this now

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