You can totally blame Gov Evers for the slow covid vaccine rollout

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-6-21 7:10am

The distribution of the covid-19 vaccine is not going as swiftly or as smoothly as expected. That much seems to be clear.

But what isn’t being made clear by the news outlets reporting on this that the delays and confusion- are all to be blamed on state officials in these states who had months to come up with a detailed distribution plan, and did not.

And i know that Biden, the democrats, the accomplice media, and even Trump haters like Mitt Romney-want to claim this was a trump failure...

But it isn’t, folks.

This is another one of these ‘prevailing truths’ of the day...that is simply not true or accurate.

In national emergencies- whether it’s a hurricane, wildfires, and pandemic-


In national emergencies, the different roles of government have been well-defined. It has always been up to the federal government to organize a larger, coordinated effort if it is a multi-state disaster...and to get each state the relief, funding, or emergency supplies that they need.

And it has always, always, been up to the state governments to then coordinate with local governments to actually follow thru with the distribution of goods, implementation of the plan ‘on the ground’ the local level.

The federal government cannot micromanage each individual state or community-nor should it.

And so this has-always-been the process: the feds outline the larger, coordinated effort-which trump and pence did-

They get the ppes and now-vaccines- out to the states asap- which Trump and Pence did-

And then it’s up to the state and local officials to run the front-line operation.

In this instance: distributing the vaccines. It is not being made clear-by anyone- in either the mainstream or the conservative media- that any failures, confusion, delays, we are seeing now-is the fault of state and/or local governments. Not Donald Trump or the federal effort.

This weeks’ story is what?

That states have hundreds of millions of doses that they got from the feds but aren’t injecting people fast enough. That -in some states-like Wisconsin-there is mass confusion.

Front line workers still aren’t being told when they can be vaccinated. Some hospitals are injecting anyone they can find....before there’s spoilage. No one knows when or how the phase one candidates will get their vaccines or what people constitute ‘phase two’.

Those are all decisions that should have been worked out-in detail-at the state level.

The feds said: front line workers and institutionalized elderly first...then go the ‘essential’ workers....etc.

They gave states an outline they could follow if they wanted to-but ultimately-it up to state, local, and health care leaders to work out the ‘final details’.

Clearly-none of this was done- in all sorts of states. Red and blue-but mostly blue.

Here in Wisconsin- we have an incompetent governor Evers and his agency heads who are proving to be equally incompetent...

And so, for all practical purposes...we appear to have no plan. The j/s story yesterday was a pretty serious indictment-even though the reporters-clearly-went out of their way not to mention that this is Gov Evers and his team who are screwing up here.

The article doesn’t ask a single question of the governor...or suggest in any way that this is a huge failure of Evers’ administration...but the article did detail widespread frustration and confusion

One thing this article tries to suggest is, well, the Trump admin hasn’t gotten Wisconsin the total number of doses we were promised up to this point.

Okay-who cares?

If Governor Evers can’t coordinate with the hospitals and health care professionals to get the vaccine into people’s arms- what difference does it make how many doses we have?

They’re all sitting in refrigerators, anyway.

Again-the democrats can’t whine about not having all of the doses we were promised, far in three weeks they’ve only managed to dole out about one third of the doses that trump’s admin-has!-sent them.

This is like a kid whining about not getting more chicken nuggets when he can’t finish the ones that are in front of him.

You can’t even eat what you have-don’t get upset at mom when she won’t give you even more of them.

What a silly attempt to deflect Wisconsin’s problems onto the federal operation.

Distribute. The damn. Vaccine.

They had 8 months to organize this! These clowns at all levels of state government knew operation warp speed was likely to deliver them a vaccine by the end of the year and even if they didn’t believe it would come so soon they still had a few months to develop a distribution plan when in it became-absolutely evident-by early October-that yes, Pfizer and Moderna would have vaccines being shipped out before Christmas.

They had- months!-to plan for this. And a spokeswoman for Evers’ health department says- ‘we are working on it?’

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Can you imagine if Gov Walker’s health department would be giving that response to the j/s...and the residents of Wisconsin right now?

Do you think the lefty media members would accept it? Or would the failures of the Walker government -and how it’s killing people by not getting them the vaccine- be the lead story every day for a week!

We know the answer. Any republican governor would be being-savaged-for not being prepared.

Tony Evers gets such a pass-that the j/s doesn’t even make him put down his soup spoon and answer a few questions.

We’ve known that the vaccine was-for certain- coming in December. They had months to form a plan.

The vaccine has been available-and being shipped out-for three weeks!

And just now...some dimwit in Evers’ health department is saying ‘local health departments will play a lead role?

When? 2025?

And no one’s going to be held accountable. This isn’t at all controversial.

But if this was a republican governor-he and his administration would be characterized in this exact same newspaper- and throughout the Wisconsin media- as ‘killing people’....because that incompetent republican governor doesn’t have his act together. is good to be a democrat. They are never held accountable-for anything.

We now have hundreds of thousands of doses of vaccine-literally-sitting in freezers in Wisconsin hospitals and labs...and so it has probably never been more accurate to suggest that delaying the distribution is quote...killing people.

It absolutely means that we could be saving some of our most vulnerable from illness and death.

And Gov Evers is getting a total pass...

And not a single person, pundit, or public voice—

Not a single person in power is admitting: this is a state-level screw up.

This slow rollout of the vaccine has-nothing-to do with trump. Nothing.

Evers and his team should be-pounded-over this. In every newscast and newspaper-until they get their act together.

Blue state compliance here-is terrible. California is among the absolute-worst states- screwing up distribution. Gavin Newsome bleeps it up-again.

And by the way- do you know which governors-are?-being criticized in the national media-even though they are doing far better than Gov Evers?

Republican governors, of course.

GOP governors are far better administrators than democrat governors-and always have been- and so the red states are leading the nation in the best distribution plans...and rates. Kristi Noem in South Dakota already has all of her phase one workers and elderly vaccinated and is well into phase two vaccinations.

That is more than double the national rate...of about 1.3 percent of us now vaccinated.

Republican governors-do it better. Every time.

And democrat governors like Tony Evers and Gavin Newsome need to be held accountable for their incompetence and failure.

photo credit: Fox 6 News/Milwaukee

Story credit: J/S online 'Bizarre, disorganized': Wisconsin behind most of Midwest on COVID-19 vaccinations; some health care workers say they're in the dark