Tomorrow is Trump’s last stand

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-4-21

So...tomorrow is Trump’s last stand: it will be the final vote in the US Congress to verify Joe Biden’s electoral win.

About 150 Republicans in the two chambers are saying they will object to the results...and the trump team has organized a big rally in Washington DC...for frustrated voters to show their disgust.

Ultimately, though, the results will get that final seal of majority approval, and the saga of the 2020 election will be over...with inauguration day about two weeks away.

There is-ultimately- no drama or question about the final result. It’s why I’ve found the ninnying and alarmism from so many conservatives and Republicans about how the republic is crumbling just because some of us are objecting to the results...just silly.

The sort of Mitt Romney, Rob Portman grandstanding and claims about ‘threats to the republic’ just idiotic.

These objections by the Republican Congressmen tomorrow are a protest. They aren’t going to change the outcome. The republic doesn’t crumble. Calm down with the hysterical bleating, please.

It’s simply a form of protest- at the highest level-to show disproval over an election process that seemed rigged in the swing states-ahead of -and following-the election.

It is a protest against the myriad state and federal courts who refused to take any of the claims of cheating and voter fraud seriously, simply because they were too afraid to open a constitutional can of worms.

I tell yah- that! -is what i am most disappointed in- when it comes to the post-election wrangling: that pretty much every single court, and every single judge, decided to look the other way.

Including our own Brian Hagedorn- on our supreme court.

Rather than hear the cases and take them seriously, we got judges ducking their duties on foolish and ticky-tack ‘process’ claims.

Well, this should have been argued before the election...

As if Republicans should have the ability to identify the left’s cheating schemes before they occur.

See-before they occur-they are just allegations, and these same courts would dismiss them as such. But we were also told that... After they’s too late to object to them. So what sort of asinine standard is that?

The Hagedorn standard, I guess we can call it.

And so it is this basic unfairness and total disregard for the objections of 74-million voting Americans that have more and more lawmakers looking to object tomorrow.

There are now about 140 house republicans out of 211 who say they will vote ‘no’ on certifying the Biden Electoral College win.

That’s more than half.

And until Saturday-only one US senator was saying he would object: Josh Hawley of Missouri. But at last count-at least a dozen senators will now vote against verifying the results, as well, including our own Ron Johnson.

Why is that such an outrageous request?

How is that-in any way-unreasonable? Especially given how the courts have simply refused to hear or examine any evidence of vote fraud in states like Penn, Arizona, and Georgia?

That is not an unreasonable request.

And it won’t be granted. The request won’t go anywhere. Senator Marsha Blackburn who is one of the twelve senators saying she wants an emergency audit before voting to approve these results

Blackburn saying, is it so outrageous to think the democrats engineered large and decisive cheating schemes in a few important swing states-after four years of rage and resistance? It has been their driving motivation, for four years, after all, to get trump out of office:

I’m sorry-but Marsha Blackburn doesn’t sound like the hysterical party here.

It is the hysterical democrats and their accomplices in the well as never-Trumpers and willing dupes within the GOP who are having a meltdown over this.

Acting as if a simple protest vote over the election results is some terrible danger to the republic or to the constitution.

Folks- the democrats have objected to the results of the last three GOP presidential wins!- over the last 30 years.

Three times! They have done what these GOP lawmakers will do tomorrow.

Was there any level of hysteria over it, on either side of the aisle?


Were conservatives like Bill Kristol and Charlie Sykes and James Wigderson rending their garments over it and insisting the Republic would crumble?


In fact- so many of these Democrats have served for so long that they are proving to be hypocrites they label today’s Republican’s traitors to the constitution.

Ditto for Chuck Schumer...who was objecting to George Bush’s legitimate wins in 2000 and 2004 but now slams the Republicans for questioning the-very questionable-results of this election.

No one on either side of the aisle showed any genuine level of support for Joe Biden for over a year. He nearly lost his own party’s nomination. He refused to campaign and hid from the public blaming covid-19.

But a record of 82-million voters flooded the polls to put him into office?

Bull plop.

And these senators and congressmen aren’t even looking to overturn the results. Their protest votes are meant to stand up for election integrity and to shine a light on this -very questionable-election result.

All their votes will do-ultimately-is delay the final validation of the Electoral College results for a few hours.

That’s the net result of their actions. So ignore the waves of hysteria and rending of garments over this.A lot of my fellow republicans and conservatives need to get a grip, here.

As for Senator Johnson’s position- he was slammed and smeared all weekend as some sort of extremist or kook...simply because he won’t roll over to the majority mob.

If you actually listen to his’s far more logical and reasonable than the jackasses rushing to smear him.

Again-which man sounds more unhinged and unreasonable? Tony Evers calls Johnson’s simple objection to be ‘disgraceful’...and says the results of the election are clear.

No. They are not.

And just because Evers says so-doesn’t make it so.

So who sounds unhinged?

So all of Senator Johnson’s good work on behalf of the people of Wisconsin, and the nation, over the last ten years should be wiped away-because Wigderson is disgusted Johnson won’t roll over to the majority on the question of whether the election was fair. Forget the fraud-and move on.

If you don’t do that-alleged ‘constitutional conservatives’ like Wigderson will turn on you.

Tomorrow’s vote is a protest vote- because we don’t appear to have a single honest court in the land...which is willing to look more closely at allegations of voter fraud.

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