MKE Common Council turns down a $10 million federal grant for more cops

Jay Weber Show transcript 12-17-20

The Milwaukee common council refusing a 10-million dollar federal grant in order to fund 30 more police positions.

This is an insane move and it shows you just how lost and polluted the minds of today’s left winger’s are.

Milwaukee has one of the worst crime problems in the country....and studies show that the more officers on the streets, the lower the crime...

And here are these dimwits are turning down federal help.

Folks- Democrats- never. Never! Never turn down federal grants.

If we have learned nothing else about lefties over the last 40 years- we have learned that local and state democrats- love federal grant money. They see it as ‘free money’.

In fact-if you think of the times over the last decade that you have seen Wi Dems at their most furious-

It has been when Scott Walker and Republicans turned down federal grant money. Correct?

Walker didn’t take federal money to expand Medicaid here: WI Dems are still whining about it. We refused federal seed money for a useless ‘fast train’ to the twin cities that didn’t go fast.

The left came unhinged.

The democrats leapt at federal seed money for Tom Barrett’s choo-choo train.It wasn’t enough to pay for even the first mile of track...but Barrett and the Dems took it...and started up what will be a multi-billion dollar boondoggle...that results from it.

Democrats never leave federal grant money on the table.

And so by denying money to put 30 more police officers onto the streets of a desperate, crime ridden city- it shows you just how polluted the ‘woke’ left...has made all liberal and left wing minds.

This move is idiotic: to deny money for more officers. Tom Barrett’s budget proposal calls for the elimination of 120 officers...from a department that is already hundreds of officers short.

And a federal grant to fund 30 of them would at least be-some?-sort of budget help- and they refuse it?

The Milwaukee council is full of dangerous morons...and any Milwaukeean who can afford to flee to the suburbs -should.

Because- just when you thought crime and lawlessness in the city couldn’t get any worse- it’s about to.

Story and photo credit: Fox 6 News Milwaukee