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I have to admit, it's fun watching Democrats implode - Jay Weber

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-12-20 6:45am

My friends....I am loving the way the internal war within the democrat party is escalating...and I love how deflated the socialist progressives on the Biden team are.

One story today is about how- since Joe Biden had -no- political coat tails and will be one of the first presidents in many decades to not have his party control the congress as he takes office....

He can’t appoint uber-radical cabinet secretaries.

This put a grey cloud over DC Dems yesterday.

It was terrible news for squats with unions who wants to be treasury secretary... But Mitch and the GOP majority would never confirm she’s taking a slow ride back to the teepee.

But, thanks to their 2020 losses....the Democrats need ever sitting congressman and senator to keep their seats in 2022 and can’t afford open seats or special elections and so. It means that the party leaders won’t let Biden pluck up a bunch of congressmen for cabinet positions and that has them bluesy-on the senate side.

Folks-the headline on the Huffington post yesterday was: Senate Dems survey the wreck.


A few clicks over- yesterdays’ politico web page was just a litany-

Just a ‘Downer Durge’ to everything the Dems have lost because they didn’t their blue wave. Ugh. It was glorious.

One story had them talking to political insiders about how much damage the Dems had done to themselves by the fiasco at the state legislative level.

The general agreement was quote...the election-night fiasco in the states will haunt democrats for a decade.

Ugh. Love it.

Over in the house- Nancy Pelosi is trying to hover above all of the infighting that is going on in her caucus...and it’s only getting louder and louder.

Folks-I love- how this intraparty war is shaping up. A week after the election, the complaining is only growing louder and the battle between the more traditional liberals and establishment Dems versus the AOC socialist progressive crowd is escalating and widening.

The horrid Rashida Talib did her part putting out a flaming memo to her fellow Dems...saying: don’t blame us socialists, you cowards...

Talib, AOC, and the leaders of the justice democrats and these other socialist organizations-are all using the race card on their own party members.

Ugh. Love it.

This has just been standard operating procedure by these cry bullies on the far left, for years, right? If anyone challenges you, call them a racist?

And so- their own -less extreme- party members are challenging them on political strategy- so all of them are painted as racists, too.


This is the lefty millennial: if you even mildly disagree with me-you’re a racist. You need to be silenced and ended.

This has been their strongest battle weapon...and these more traditional liberals who welcomed them into the party were only too willing to use it, too...and now it’s being used against them.

Ugh. This is good.

How can you not get some joy out of this, as a conservative?

Can we bottle this? Because it’s better than coffee.

Now Pelosi’s a racist, Schumer’s a racist, Tammy Baldwin’s a racist, Gwen Moore is a racist. Anyone who wants to ‘play it smarter’ and not openly sell socialism to a country that rejects a racist democrat now.

It’s just too fun.

A day ago, it looked like Nancy Pelosi had actually gotten Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to calm down. Cool the socialist, bullying rhetoric- at least until after these special senate elections in January.

Nope. AOC was a socialist looking for democrat scalps again yesterday.

Have democrats been running on a platform of civility?

And second- have the democrats ‘not yet’ taken the gloves off?

Is this what AOC believes? So the burning and looting and rioting was just a warm up? The gloves haven’t been taken off yet?

And their four year temper tantrum-culminating in burning our cities...was their notion of ‘civility’?

Good lord.

And there are still people in this audience that don’t think this woman and her party members are dangerous?

And Pelosi and Schumer and the veteran democrats- for their part- are still putting up with it.

All they want is power and glory. And if they have to sell out the country to the socialists to get it, they will.

That’s clear. The Politico makes it clear that Pelosi is trying to hover above the fray here and claim her position as speaker isn’t in jeopardy and that’s all she cares about, of course..

Pelosi is refusing to call them out on it and her fellow old-school Dems are also remaining mum.

If you don’t want these kooks and extremists in your party-push them out. Push them back onto the fringes, as you should.

But, but...then we lose those votes, too.

Tough. Do you have no standards and no desire to protect the country from their worst instincts?

We republicans have-time and again- made it clear that we do not want, or need, KKK members or white supremacists in our party.

Those are-in truth- hate groups borne out of the southern democrat party...but over the years...the democrats have twisted it around and pretended that these are right wing hate groups.

Nope. And the GOP has been crystal clear about it over the years: we don’t want them and don’t invite them in.

We have standards and want to protect Americans and marginalize and ostracize that hate.

Why can’t Democrats do that with socialists?

Why it is so hard for these more traditional Democrats to admit: they shouldn’t even be in our party. Their ideas are extreme and addition to being stupid?

It kills me that Pelosi and her team-if they are speaking this way in private-won’t do it publicly.

Do you know that fox news has been hounding Pelosi for a comment all week?

Anyone who disagrees with them-including Pelosi and half of that Dem caucus now: all racists.

Why would the other party members put up with it?

Are they really such power-hungry cowards?

I guess so.

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