Forget the debate, bottom line is Joe Biden WILL raise your taxes

Jay Weber show transcript 9-3-20 8:15am

We, the people of the rust belt, are virtually all taxpayers.

About half of the country doesn’t pay federal income taxes because they either aren’t working and get a government check, or don’t make enough money to hit the lowest federal tax bracket-

But us? Up here in the Midwest? We’re all hard working, tax paying Americans.And the democrat party has abandoned us in a big, big way.

Folks-the national unemployment rate, post covid-19, has now fallen back down around ten percent.

Do you know where Wisconsin’s is? Six percent.

It’s probably even lower now. In august, our unemployment rate, post covid-19, was already back down to 6.2 percent.

That’s incredible, given all of the furloughs and layoffs this state endured.Our instinct- our desire- is to get back to work.

Michigan’s unemployment rate is 8.7 percent right now. Minnesota’s unemployment rate is 7.7 percent. We are always lower than the national average and always seem to have the bulk of our citizens contributing to the state and federal coffers and the democrat party has nothing for us other than....raising our taxes even more.

Biden’s platform calls for four trillion dollars in new taxes that-despite what he says-will absolutely fall hardest on the middle class.

He is supporting a reversal of president trump’s tax cuts-both on businesses and on individuals.

Virtually every single American saw their taxes cut under the Trump/Ryan tax cut.Virtually everyone’s paychecks got larger.

Biden wants to reverse that.

Our economic recovery was sparked-in a large way-by trump and the republicans cutting the corporate and small business tax rates down dramatically. Biden wants to jack them back up-nearly to where they were.

The Trump/Ryan tax cuts made us globally competitive again. A Joe Biden presidency would erase those gains.

Meanwhile- the president and his team are talking about even more tax cuts in a second term. There are some tax cuts that are set to expire that he would work to make permanent, and then there is the potential for new tax cuts.

The question is- do you want republicans in charge when those tax cuts expire? Or do you want democrats?

Do you want the push to be to extend the Trump/Ryan tax cuts? Or watch democrats giggle as they expire?

Expirations on the tax cuts for individuals don’t expire until 2025...but if you know anything about know that increases in taxes on businesses will ultimately trickle down to the rest of us, as consumers and employees.

Big tax hikes on business have a significant ripple effect thru-out the entire economy.

This is another -bright line- defining the two sides: president Trump and the Republicans want to make the Trump/Ryan tax cuts permanent and fight for more...

And Biden and the democrats have an immediate plan to reverse those Trump/Ryan tax cuts and hit your paychecks and 401k prospects again say the markets and the economy back into another Obama/Biden malaise-and-in addition to raising taxes by reversing Trump’s, Biden’s got a plan to raise taxes by at least four trillion dollars

The jackass continues to claim...your taxes...won’t go up at all.

Do you trust him?

Because if you do, you’re a fool.

photo credit: Getty