Democrats consider a boycott of the SCOTUS nomination hearings

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-25-20 7am

Here’s evidence that despite what the Democrat’s say-they have no legitimate way to stop the next supreme court appointment: a former Hillary Clinton spokesman who is himself a more radical lefty than Hillary was is now saying that the democrat’s easiest solution on how to handle the confirmation hearings is to boycott them.


This would also be appealing, I would think, to these establishment democrats that I was talking about yesterday-whose hearts are clearly not in this fight.

What better way to pretend to do something, and yet put forth no real effort, than to ‘boycott’ the hearings?

The problem is- it’s no threat. Why would Lindsey Graham and the republicans care if the democrats on the judiciary committee either refused to show up...or engaged in some sort of silly walk-out for the cameras?


Whatever. Lindsey could either bang the gavel or hold the hearings, anyway, or say- we don’t have a quorum. Democrats aren’t interested from hearing from this nominee, so we will move it along for a full vote in the senate.

Folks- a democrat boycott would actually solve a lot of scheduling and parliamentary problems for Mitch and Lindsey-

So, great- democrats- yes. Go ahead and do this.

Folks- a boycott or walkout- to me- proves that these democrats on the hill do not really want the fight.

They realize they have no way to stop this nomination, short of smearing and trashing and disqualifying the candidate-

And even then- after their Brett Kavanagh brutality-there is virtually no way McConnell and the republicans let them get away with it. They’d still take the vote.

What I mean is-back in 1987-the attack on Robert Bork was -so unexpected. So new and shocking-that it worked. Reagan withdrew the nomination.

Smearing and disqualifying the candidate would have worked on Clarence Thomas-except he refused to back down orbe replaced. But that was the next time the dems had a chance to try to disqualify a candidate by ruining their reputations and ruining their life.

By the time Kavanagh came around-there had been enough of a break –

It had been years and years since we had seen this tactic used to that sort of ugly extent-that there was a renewed shock value and again. It almost worked. Except Kavanagh and Trump refused to allow it and powered thru.

Now- less than two years later- the democrats could try the technique again: they could try o trash and disqualify Amy Coney Barrett or whoever the nominee is going to be-

But given how vile their attacks on Kavanagh were-there is no way that they would get republicans to relent. There is no way they could get trump to withdraw the nomination.

It’s a fool’s gambit.

Moreover-they’d be trashing a Midwestern mother of seven, and a woman of faith, with a very impressive and impeccable record of accomplishment.

There’s no way the American people would find that acceptable.

So – having no constitutional or parliamentary way to stop this nominee-they also cannot flip to the next play in the playbook and -trash- the nominee.

What’s left?

I believe this realization is what has these democrats on the hill already showing signs of not being ‘up’ for the fight.

They know they cannot stop it, and they know any ‘theatrics’ of the sort that their activists want to see- will only backfire.

So what to do?

Pretend you are doing something. But do something that takes no energy, organization, or effort.

Just don’t show up to the hearing.

Claim it’s illegal and illegitimate and don’t even show up and that way-you can claim -for the entire time Barrett is on the bench that she’s an illegal justice.

That! Is what the strategy alludes to: since you have no play-democrats- give up, but give up in a display of unity...and claim it’s a protest?

And I’m not surprised it’s spreading as a popular option.

The problem is- how does your activist base take this as ‘fighting’?

Right? They want to see a fight. They want to see a knockdown, drag out brawl on this.

You’re going to give up and walk out? Or not even show up?

How does that block, or stall, or end? This nomination?

It doesn’t-one bit.

Recognize- the senate does not have to hold a confirmation hearing at the committee level.

Its why rush has been saying, ‘skip the circus. Don’t even hold a hearing. Just take the full senate vote and confirm her’-

Which-by the way-is a bad idea.

Doing that -makes the republicans-appear-to be doing something illegitimate or hinkey.

If you want Amy Coney Barrett to be smeared as an illegitimate justice for the rest of her career on the bench- then force a vote without a hearing.

I think that’s a terrible idea.

Folks-the republicans have the high ground now they have constitution, protocol, and history on their side.Every single past president and congress who faced this same situation- seated the nominee.

Every time the white house and senate were in the same hands in the final year of a presidency, the president nominated a candidate and the senate confirmed them.

Right now-the republicans are doing everything perfectly-and everything they are doing is easily defensible.

And they should put the nominee thru the normal hearing process-and if the democrats want to turn it into an evil circus- well, then-that’s on them. it will only backfire.

But when you have the high ground, constitution, and history on your don’t pull cheap B.S. like- not even holding the hearing.

That makes republicans appear to be doing something illegitimate and plays into the democrat’s false narrative.

Hold the hearing. If dems don’t show up-great. Say ‘we gave them a chance. They don’t want to hear from the nominee’ and forward the candidate to the senate for a full confirmation vote.

If they walk out- whatever. Let them have their cheap moment of drama-and then do the same thing. Have members prepared to make a few quick speeches on what babies and cry bullies the democrats are being-and then end the hearing-and forward the nominee for a full vote.

Folks- a move like this by the dems only makes things even easier for Lindsey and Mitch and the Republicans.

And frankly, as someone whose ratings would benefit from a knock-down, drag out hearing-

I’d still love to see the dems boycott this way so we can get the nominee seated before the election. That’d be just perfect-for me.

And we wouldn’t have to go thru the tedious headache of a week-long hearing.

I’m ‘all in’ on dems boycotting.

But it tells you how little the dems have. They have-no options- to stop this nomination and so far-they have come up with -no options-that make them look good, or have them coming out on top, if they engage in an ugly fight over this person.

Trump and McConnell have them boxed in-

But the more correct way to look at it is-RGB and Harry Reid-have them boxed in.

I’ll remind you again that we are only in this situation because Harry Reid took away any ability of his own party to block court nominees...and RGB didn’t retire under Obama.

we are about to see the supreme court of the united states become a 6-3 conservative majority that will likely last decades-because Harry Reid neutered his own party...and RGB gambled and lost on her own successor.


Nothing tickles me more.

The dems have no one to blame other than members of their own party. Reid and RGB.

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Source : Politico ‘This is an illegitimate nomination’: Some Democrats snub Trump's pick