UW-Madison has 1000 carriers, not cases. There's a big difference

Jay Weber Show transcript 9/11/20 6:15am

The wild left-wing over reaction to the viral outbreak on the Madison campus.

‘We’ve got a thousand cases...a thousand cases’!!

No. you don’t.

You’ve got a thousand ‘carriers’.

How many of the kids are sick?

Isn’t it interesting that we don’t get that figure?

There is widespread panic, and quarantines, and shut downs...over one thousand students having been discovered as-carriers- of the covid-19 virus.

They are all healthy teens or early twenty-something adults. we know that covid-19 hits that population only in more mild and more minor ways....so...how many of these kids are even ‘feeling sick?’

How many have needed to seek hospitalization, or any sort of clinical treatment?

Where are those numbers?

Why aren’t they being reported?

I think we know the answer: because the vast majority of these kids were-found- to be carriers. they never knew they had covid-19 in their systems and haven’t presented as ill. At all.

If the ninnies running the university weren’t running around in a panicjamming cotton swabs up everyone’s noses....we wouldn’t know that we have a ..Quote...covid-19 outbreak...on campus would we?

This is a serious supposition here:if we didn’t have hyper-testing going on on that campus, would campus officials even know that they had a covid-19 outbreak? Would-any- sizable number of students be turning up sick?

To the point that the campus clinics would say hey we’ve got something going on here.

I guarantee you-the answer is no.

If they weren’t jamming swabs in everybody’s nose every few days-they wouldn’t even know covid-19 was circulating around campus.Want to bet?

Want to prove me wrong?

Then share the numbers of the students that are hospitalized, or have even sought treatment at a clinic?

I bet that number is tiny. Tiny.

The vast majority of these kids never knew they were carriers. And yet it’s billed as some pandemic outbreak on campus and...My God...shut it all down.

This is a ludicrous over-reaction to a virus that -by and large-doesn’t harm that age group.

I went to the state health departments own website yesterday-and looked up how many deaths we’ve had in this age group. The number is-zero- between birth and 19 years old. They account for-zero- covid-19 deaths in Wisconsin.

in the 20 to 29 age group- one percent of our deaths in Wisconsin come from that age group...and for the most part-very few people over the age of 23...are still in college.

So what is the number of deaths in Wisconsin in that 18 to 23 or 24 age group?

It’s statistically zero.i can’t say fully zero based on how they report the figures, but there appear to be-no Wisconsinites-under the age of 24 that have died of covid-19.

Again-maybe there are one or two or five...in the hard-numbers being kept. But according to the totals and percentages the state health department puts out- it appears that roughly -zero- people under the age of 23 or so have died of covid-19 in Wisconsin.

There is-no reason-these kids cannot be on campus and going about their daily lives.

Moreover- in terms of herd immunity and having this virus spread thru our population-as it is going to-it is easy to make the case that the rest of the population is-safer- with young people of this agegroup sequestered off-by themselves-on college campuses.

After all- what age group has been the biggest transmitter of covid-19...this summer?

This age group, right? Young twenty-somethings who were felling invincible and wanting to party and socially gather.Great. Let them do it-on campus-for nine months...and keep them away from the rest of us as we build up a herd immunity to this thing.

You can easily argue that the rest of the population is safer if the kids are- in school and off at college.

Instead,...the ninnies in Dane county see a ..quote. Spike...in covid-19 cases and panic.we gotta sequester the kids and talk about sending them all home.

It’s pretty dumb.

Especially when they are calling ‘carriers’ ....cases. as if we have 1000 ill college kids.


We don’t.

Very few of those kids would even know they are carriers-if they hadn’t have been tested-because they never felt sick!!

And they are not a danger to others around them-currently- because the ‘others around them’- are also young, healthy people!

But-send them home to Nana.

Great idea.

photo credit: Fox 6 News/Milwaukee

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