Democrats vow the election is not over until Biden wins.

You might have seen this: a Democrat group funded by Michael Bloomberg is saying-hey- it might look like trump won by a landslide on election night...but just wait a while...Biden is likely to win when all the votes are counted.

Quite a bit of buzz was created around this, which the group ‘Hawkfish’labeled as a warning, but as trump supporters took as the strongest indication yet that they democrats are ready to cheat. Rig the mail-in voting in their favor.

Exclusive: Dem group warns of apparent Trump Election Day landslide

What they're saying: Hawkfish CEO Josh Mendelsohn calls the scenario a "red mirage."

  • "We are sounding an alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump," he said.
  • "When every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day, which will be some day after Election Day, it will in fact show that what happened on election night was exactly that, a mirage," Mendelsohn said. "It looked like Donald Trump was in the lead and he fundamentally was not when every ballot gets counted."
  • No, no, says ‘hawkfish’...this lefty Bloomberg funded group, no, no...We just want to warn the nation about what election night might look like...versus the final results...when all of the mail-in ballots are counted.

And they havea legitimate point-in the sense that- on election night itself, you could have networks declaring that it looks like trump won this, or Biden won that-

But in truth-so many mail-in ballots will have yet to be counted that it gives a false impression.

The conventional wisdom is that democrats will vote by mail in far higher numbers than republicans, and so it will look like trump won on election night-

It might even look like trump won in a landslide on election night-

But we have to wait until all the votes are counted.

That is the-best spin-you can put on this group’s missive yesterday: that they really are raising a possibility. Maybe even a likelihood.

The problem is-this Hawkfish group does a lot of work for the DNC and pro-Biden superpacs and they framed this news as:Biden fans, just hold tight. Don’t get discouraged if trump wins on election night....

And that immediately injects a partisan flavor -and even a dog whistle- into the warning. That is an immediate ‘alert’ for trump supporters who say,here we go again, with the dog whistles to the base: the Dems are just going to keep counting and finding votes and finding and counting votes until they can claim they won.

And I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but we have a growing number of high profile democrats who are suggesting that ‘we’ll keep counting until we win’.

Hillary Clinton said as much, last week.

She too, said, don’t concede early, Joe. The longer we keep counting the more likely it is you win.

Now. What does that mean? other than: if we can milk this out for weeks, we can magically find the votes to declare a Biden win.

Given all of the ballot harvesting and vote fraud schemes we’ve seen from the democrats over the years, you are naive not toview these statements as a dog whistle:the longer this unsecured, open ballot process is open, the more likely it is that the Dems can manufacture the votes to declare themselves winners.

And can you imagine an America in which Donald Trump is declared the winner on election night, or a few days afterward, only to have the democrats ‘find’ the votes to flip state after state after state after

How does Meldenson know how the election is going to turn out?

The most likely scenario is that Joe Biden wins the popular vote like Hillary did, but trump wins the Electoral College again, as he did in 2020.

That is what I would predict if I had to make a prediction today.

So how does Josh Mendelson know, with any confidence, what is going to happen in November?

He’s not just floating a warning here. He is suggesting that if Joe Biden doesn’t win, it’s an illegitimate outcome.

And I expect to see a lot of this type of rhetoric between now and Election Day: the democrats are going to lay the groundwork for -any-trump victory being stolen.

They are going to try to insist that

A)Anything other than a Biden victory is fraud...

B) Any ‘win’ they can manufacture for Biden after-the-fact- is legitimate.

This is their goal here and it’s two pronged: before election day- convince the American people- preemptively-that any trump win is illegitimate and Biden matter how long it takes them to manufacture it is legitimate.

Folks, the fraud is already underway.

I also hope you saw the NY post expose on Sunday a Democrat operative who walked a post reporter thru the ways he has been orchestrating vote-by-mail cheating for democrats over many years.

This is why democrats have pushed so hard to normalize mail-in voting, even as they have attacked the post office and acted as if they are worried about voter integrity.

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story credit: Axios

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