Dems new campain slogan: If you want us to call off our thugs, vote Biden.

Jay Weber transcript 9/1/20 7:10am

It’s a theme of today’s show: how deeply cynical and offensive this ‘play’ is, that the democrats are making to flip the riot script on trump and the GOP.

There are some things that should be beyond politics and political game playing and quietly supporting-and even fomenting- the loss of life property destruction, arson. A campaign of intimidation and brow beating-

And often-actually beating- anyone who won’t join your political view-should all be off the table. None of these actions are defensible in a free society, and yet today’s Dem party and its leaders at the highest levels have engaged in it.

For 240 years,leaders from both sides and from virtually all parties......have been coming together to denounce violence and brutality and call for civility and order and a peaceful exchange of ideas.

Even if it gets heated- peaceful.

Until now.

Today’s democrats and their propagandists in the MSM have done everything they can to defend the rioting and even create the conditions for more- all to win an election.

And now that that that- putrid- political strategy has backfired, now these same democrat leaders and talking heads are pivoting and insisting everyone forget about the last twelve weeks, and instead, blame trump and some phantom white supremacists.

It’s not neo-Nazis that have been torching buildings and beating people in the streets for twelve weeks. It’s BLM and antifa members, who, based on the actions of the democrat party-clearly- now make up a portion of the party’s base.

These democrat mayors, governors and congressmen have gone so far out of their way to coddle and protect anarchists and rioters that they-havegot to be- what they consider an important part of their base now.


And now that the rioting is backfiring, the Dems are trying to pivot on a dime without offending BLM and antifa.

They still! Don’t want to offend the America-hating anarchists!

This is a very dark farce, my friends. Just now-Joe Biden denounces the rioting.Just now.

Greg-lets play the first cut of Biden, which is the first time joe Biden has been clear, and forceful, and categorical on the violence- in twelve weeks.

Joe Biden Says Trump "Sows Chaos Rather Than Providing Order" In PA Campaign Speech

Remember that he easily could have said this twelve weeks ago, after the first riots.

Joe Biden could have-and should have-said that twelve weeks ago.So how seriously can we take him now?

To me-he looks like an even bigger clown.An even bigger fraud, acting all tough and resolved now.

And he moves into the category of scummy liar-

Flat out- Joe Biden is a scummy liar- for then trying to lay the blame for the riots on trump.

I hope you catch the irony and the Orwellian nature of those comments: trump failed to call on his own supporters to stop acting as an armed militia.

What is he talking about?

Its’ not trump’s people marauding thru the streets. It’s Biden’s.And Biden-still-hasn’t called on his own supporters to stop acting like an armed militia...and bullies and thugs!

Are-any-trump supporters responsible for the rioting and arson and looting that we have seen?

Not a single group. Not a single member that we know of.

There are a few far right groups that have clashed with antifa and BLM out west-but they’ve never been involved in property destruction or looting or arson. They aren’t beating people in the streets.If they were-the videos would be all over the internet. Instead it’s antifa and BLM thugs-beating others.

Joe Biden is simply lying here-and once again- claiming trump and republicans are doing something that he and the democrats have done for twelve weeks: foment the hatred and destruction.

This was a staggering dishonest speech by Biden yesterday.

This is a speech that joe and every other high profile democrat could have made twelve weeks ago- and the fact that they didn’t- absolutely proves- that this was political strategy.

As I said earlier- their accomplice media members want to suggest that, somehow, the democrats never really got around to being decisive on the rioting, and they left an opening for trump and the GOP to paint them as anti-cop. anti-law and order.

This was an-intentional-black hearted strategy.And now they are onto a new one: this attempt to blackmail Americans into voting for Joe Biden so the anarchy will end- is just as putrid as their initial strategy.

Now we’ve got Biden, Harris, and their talking heads all speaking like mobsters:they are holding a peaceful America hostage, and saying, if you want your peaceful country back, you got to vote trump out of office.

That’s all their new pitch is.

As Mollie Hemmingway put it on twitter:

Yep. And it was the new talking point yesterday: if you want us to call off our thugs, vote Biden.

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