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If recalled, Tony Evers could fundraise IN UNLIMITED AMOUNTS

Jay Weber transcript 8/31/20 7:10am

Learn the lesson of the Walker recall.Wisconsin voters don’t go for replacing elected officials mid-term.

Evers has a nearly 60 percent approval rating according to Marquette polls, so you wouldn’t win the election if you got it all the way thru to the ballot stage.

The process itself is nearly impossible. You’d need to collect about 750,000 valid signatures to recall Evers and then what?We are stuck with Governor Mandela Barnes?

He’d be worse than Evers. So you’d need to run a shadow effort to recall him but that’s got to be a separate petition with separate signatures again about 700 to 750-thousands of them.

That is such a high mark that the democrats nearly didn’t reach it when they tried to recall walker, and there’s still a question as to whether they ever did.There were a lot of Mickey Mouses and Hitler’s that –shockingly- a judge refused to disqualify.

But you’ve got just 60 days to try to collect those signatures.

Orv Seymer has been a long-time recall organizer affiliated with the CRG network they have participated in about 30 recall efforts over the years and he writes on Franklin-now:

What we have found is the sphere of influence of the average Wisconsinite is about 50 people. In other words, they may feel comfortable approaching about 50 friends, neighbors, co-workers etc. and asking them to sign the recall petition. So in order to accomplish this overwhelming task, you would need about 15,000 volunteers who each collect about 50 signatures.

This is an overwhelming task and it should not be taken lightly.

Simply posting on Facebook or other social media platforms is not a recipe for success.Most people want to use social media to find out what is going on or where they can go nearby to sign the petition, not to assist in gathering the 750,000 signatures.

Then there’s this hitch in the rules, which allowed Scott Walker to raise gobs and gobs of money.

In addition to all of the issues listed above, there is a provision in state law that allows the target of a recall to raise unlimited funds for the time of the recall effort.

Folks- Gov Walker rakes in boatloads of cash. From Wisconsin and national donors. In unlimited amounts and beyond that-the recall made him a national figure and only made Scott Walker-more powerful, more connected, more moneyed.

It’s a stupid idea that would backfire.

Here’s something else people forget:Obama’s white house and the national Dem heads tried to talk Wisconsin grass roots liberals and the WI Dem party out of it. They knew it would backfire but the WI Dems plowed ahead and lost- not just the walker recall, but recalls of five other GOP State Senators. They all survived their recalls, too.

And the loss gutted the WI Dems and their followers, and had them wandering in the political wilderness for near nearly a decade before they could find their footing, find a new platform, and get some momentum back.

Actually, Gov Evers is the first Dem to be back in charge since 2010, and he’s still limited in most ways, by the powerful GOP force that those early walker recall efforts helped create.

It’s a dumb idea.

Orv Seymer also writes:

If the woman organizing this, from Burglington, fails to get the required signatures or if she gets the required signatures but loses the election, you can bet that Evers/Barnes will use that two years from now in their re-election campaign.

So the bottom line is this. Does Evers deserve to be recalled? The obvious answer is and overwhelmingly yes. Evers and Barnes have proven themselves to be highly incompetent over and over again.

But the young lady who has filed the recall is in way over her head and she needs to ask for help from people who have done this numerous times. Even then it is still a very uphill battle.

We received a text shortly after the segment: I’m the founder of a Facebook group, Recall Tony Evers and created that group the night he won the election. The title of the group was meant to be snarky and a place to vent about Evers. Our admin team agrees with you and have been trying to refocus on keeping Wisconsin for Trump, local elections

photo credit: Fox News Milwaukee

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