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Mensah says protest mob tried to kill him. Time to call in the Feds

Jay Weber Show transcript 8/10/20 7:10am

Most of you know the backstory on Officer Joseph Mensah by now-the Wauwatosa cop being railroaded out of his job by the activist BLM mobs...even though he’s done nothing wrong.

Officer Mensah posted this on Facebook on Sunday morning-which rightly alarmed the community:

Facebook post

I shouldn’t have to say that that is alarming and unacceptable-in any way.

Mob intimidation and vandalism to the property would have been out of bounds- but taking it up the next step to violence-demands that the elected officials of Wauwatosa react with some outrage and purpose- and call in the FBI –to have this handled as a terrorist act. Because that’s what it is.

As we have been watching these violent protests across the country, I’ve been suggesting that –if these democrat elected officials don’t step in and restore law and order-and if they don’t stop supporting and coddling the mobs just because they believe it helps them politically-

Or because they don’t have the integrity to push back against political criticism- which seems to be the case in Tosa.

I suggested that we will eventually have police officers killed by these protest mobs and might see corpses dragged in the street or hung from bridgesa-la Mogadishu.

But I didn’t think it would occur in our community.

It sounds like on Saturday, we got close to that.

These democrats don’t know what sort of horrors they are setting the country up for- as they encourage these left wing mobs.and yes, i believe the weak and pathetic response that the Tosa mayor And council members have thesereckless and relentless charges agaisnt officer Mensah- haveonly emboldened and encouraged this mob to resort to this sort of violence against him.

One thing that encourages these activist having the local and national politicians cave into their demands. Excuse away their mob actions as ‘protest’.Support their cause- over that of the loyal police officer.

And that is what mayor Dennis McBride and the Tosa common council members have been moving to fire joseph Mensah on the recommendation of a mob.

I’ve been saying that a flash point has been building in this country and with these mob actions...that is going to end in officer deaths.

And I was envisioning some officers in Portland or Seattle being overwhelmed by the mob in the street and being killed that way-

But now that these protest mobs have been so emboldened...they are starting to target officers and police chiefs-at home. At their homes.

And on Saturday night- we- here in SE Wisconsin- were very close to having one of our officers killed by a mob.

And the terrible irony is that officer Joseph Mensah-himself a black man.

You know the story by now: he has been involved in three police shootings- all because he was simply out on patrol-doing his job-and reacted to a dangerous threat the way he needed to.

Officer Mensah has been cleared in two shootings as having acted properly in order to protect himself and the public-and the third investigation-while pending-also looks ‘cut and dried’.Other officers were present. Members of the public were present.

That was likely a good-shoot too. And if it wasn’t, that will be determined and he will be appropriately punished.

But-since Mensah has involved in three shootings, the anti-cop left wing mob around here –assumes- he’s a bad cop. assumes he’s trigger happy. And they have been trying to force the Wauwatosa police dept. to fire him, and have gotten a remarkable amount of support for their unfair verbal jihad, from the Tosa mayor and common council.

The leaders of that once-great community have now turned into a bunch of left wing wimps and mob enablers and have been going along with this-

And so-as it now stands- those in charge are creeping ever-closer to firing Mensah. It’s only a matter of time.

But they have aided in putting a target on Joseph Mensah’s back for months now...and Saturday night-the mob came for him. Came to his girlfriend’s house and tried to kill him.

No exaggeration.

Officer Mensah was assaulted, and when he managed to retreat into the house- gunshots were fired into the house.

That’s his version.Chief Barry Weber says the investigation is on-going, but the official police report verifies that this occurred.The only difference seems to be that Mensah claimed several shots were fired, the Tosa PD only verifies one, in its account, so far:

Wauwatosa police say officer Joseph Mensah was physically assaulteda single shotgun round was fired into the home after a group of 50 to 60 people gathered there to protest.

On Saturday, protesters began to vandalize Mensah’s girlfriend’s home around 8:05 p.m. according to a news release from Wauwatosa police. Again-right at dark. These scumbags always come to do violence and damage at dark, because they are cowards.

Mensah stepped out of the house and tried to talk to them but was physically assaulted.The release by the Tosa PD says –he was. Mensah indicates on Facebook that both he and his girlfriend were assaulted.

So they retreat into the house-and at least one shotgun blast was fired at the door.

At some point, several other police departments were called to help disperse the crowd. 

And-as Mensah wrote:

“The irony in all of this is that they chanted black lives matter the entire time, but had zero regard for any of the black children that live there or me, a black man,” his post continued.

Now-according to the journal/sentinel’s account. Quote...

Neighbors said they had heard fireworks and loud noises near the house throughout Saturday night. 

"There was a bunch all at once, which we thought were firecrackers, and then after that, there was one louder one," said neighbor Monica, who asked that her last name not be published. 

"It was pretty scary," she added.

So this mob is using firecrackers to intimidate, which we’ve seen a lot as a technique out in Seattle and Portland.And at least one person brought a gun....and got so charged up that he or she shot into a house with children in it.

This is flatly-unacceptable-and as of yesterday- the mayor was finally suggesting this had gone too far.

Quote... mayor Dennis McBride said he would be meeting with the police chief and other city officials Monday morning to ensure Mensah is “fully protected and that criminal behavior of this kind will not happen again.

“The city of Wauwatosa has always supported and protected the right to peaceful protest,” McBride said in a statement. “Last night’s event was not a peaceful protest; it was criminal behavior. If the perpetrators of this criminal behavior are identified, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law.

If McBride is serious about that-he should call in the FBI-because this is domestic terrorism.

This cannot stand and whoever organized that protest and whoever fired that shot-need to be held accountable by Milwaukee County’s pathetic da, or better yet, federal prosecutors.

It is mortifying that. Quote. Peaceful protest has come to this.

And we have-over the years-seen Antifa and these left wing activist groups get more and more violent, and more and more bold in their actions.

And the idea of targeting people at their homes is the latest terrible new bullying technique.

They are doxing police chiefs and local and federal officers on line- putting out their home addresses and as much information about their families as they can find-and encouraging protestors to assemble there and intimidate these public servants in their homes.

What is that- other than lawless-thug behavior?

I’d call on state lawmakers to draw up a bill that makes this illegal. Carries some punishment or criminal enhancer that attaches more serious consequences to this sort of action.

They have a right to assemble and protest-even at someone’s private residence-but that right endsthey swarm the property and start doing property damage or attempt to physically intimidate or assault.

I’d think some serious lawmakers in Madison who have worked in the past to protect our law enforcers- could take up that cause-based on this incident.

We need serious consequences to the punks and thugs who would act in this manner.

photo credit: Fox 6 Milwaukee

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