I'm done with snotty Never-Trumpers

Look, I was a never-Trump at the beginning. We didn't know if Trump was a real conservative or not during the primaries. I get why Charlie Sykes, Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg decided why they could support Trump then, but after 4 years, it turns out Trump is more conservative then we ever dreamed. If you're a conservative and decide not to vote for Trump, I don't get it. Well I understand you're taking a moral stand against his past immorality, his occasional lying and how he handles himself, but come on, Joe Biden isn't morally superior to Trump in any sense.

Now you have a four year track record of conservative reforms by Trump that not even Reagan delivered. Last week on Twitter, after Kristol posted another stupid thing about having to get Biden elected and suggested Trump supporters are foolish or irrational, I wrote:

I'm done with snotty Never Trumpers. You can trash the guy who cut your taxes, massively deregulated, restored US mite globally and led one of the greatest economic comebacks ever, but don't pretend I'm the one being irrational or unreasonable, or not the 'real' conservative

You could add a dozen more "major" conservative Trump victories to that list. I list many of those victories in the segment below...

Jay on Never Trumpers