Biden’s Top 12 Running Mates, Ranked (Guess where Tammy ranked)

opinion via Politico by BILL SCHER

Joe Biden’s unequivocal declaration that his running mate will be a woman began the 2020 veepstakes with a brutal cut. There will be no consolation prize for Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg or Julián Castro. There will be no unity ticket pairing Biden with Bernie Sanders. Mansplainers and manspreaders, you can go home. Joe has binders full of women.

Perhaps there has never been a more serious veepstakes than this one. Biden won’t say on the record that he would serve only one term as president, but he has given enough hints hat many have assumed it. That makes his vice presidential choice the automatic frontrunner for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination and potentially the first female president of the United States. This is no time for your last-call, falling-off-your-bar-stool, so-crazy-it-just-might-work vice-presidential musings.

So where did Sen Tammy Baldwin end up? > click here Biden’s Top 12 Running Mates, Ranked

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