Dave Chappelle's Netflix special has the left going NUTS

via Fox Business by Mike Cherico

Netflix may have banked on Dave Chapelle’s new stand-up comedy special, “Sticks & Stones,” getting plenty of buzz, but some say the comedian’s jokes about a slew of controversial topics including the #MeToo movement went too far.

Chapelle describes the current post #MeToo climate in Hollywood as the “cancel culture” where celebrities like fellow comedians Louis C.K. and Kevin Hart have become victims of today’s “celebrity hunting season … This is the worst time to be a celebrity,” quips Chapelle. “Everyone is doomed.”

“Of course it's a sensitive situation for Netflix,” says media analyst Porter Bibb exclusively to FOX Business, “but Chappelle fans won't mind and #MeToo protesters will take out their wrath on Twitter.”

And that's exactly what happened.

Within hours of the special dropping on Netflix earlier this week, the Twitter world lit up, with Vice going so far as to tell readers to skip it.

The complete story here > Dave Chappelle's Netflix special sparks 'cancel culture' controversy

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