No sales tax holiday for back-to-school shoppers. Thanks Taxin' Tony

via Fox 6 Now by KATIE DELONG

MILWAUKEE — There will be no sales tax holiday for back-to-school shoppers in 2019.

Wisconsin’s inaugural sales tax holiday was Aug. 1-5, 2018 , after Scott Walker signed legislation enacting the five-day event. Walker, who was up for re-election at the time, was defeated in November by Governor Tony Evers.

During the five-day period, shoppers could buy select clothing, technology, and other supplies without paying the 5% sales tax. The tax-free weekend was also beneficial for a lot of stores in the state.

According to WLUK, Governor Evers confirmed the state would not participate in the event in 2019. WLUK reported Governor Evers said it was a one-time deal enacted under the former Republican governor.

“I think parents are going to be purchasing school supplies whether they have an incentive or not,” Governor Evers told WLUK. “I just don’t think the incentive actually worked.”

The complete story here > After inaugural event last August, no sales tax holiday for back-to-school shoppers in 2019

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