Knitting site bans support for Trump administration on its platform

via CNN Business A popular knitting social media website has banned support for President Donald Trump on its platform, accusing his administration of propagating "open white supremacy."

Ravelry, a community site that allows users to share ideas about knitting and textile projects,said in a blog postSunday that it will remove users if they express support for Trump on its forum, profile pages or any other content.

"We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy," the site said.

The complete story here > Knitting site bans support for Trump administration on its platform

After talking about this, we received an email from one of our listeners. We promised not to use her name due to the toxic environment for anyone who supports Trump:

A dollhouse group I'm in on Facebook lost its freakin mind when I woman posted a funny pic of her small car trying to move a large dollhouse (pic attached to email). It was removed due to a Trump bumper sticker and an American Pride slogan, but the lady who posted it had no idea why, so she did a quick post asking what happened and it stirred up a massive sh*t storm. The post made it up to 825+ comments within a few hours before the admin realized what was happening and took it down. The majority of comments I saw were people saying they didn't even see the other stuff aside from the funny dollhouse - but someone got butthurt.

It took at least A DAY before everything calmed down. It was RIDICULOUS. (and I'm 32 years old - for reference.) I tried to reason with some of the MAJOR leftwing bigots that I had NO IDEA existed in our miniature group, but that was my first mistake: LOGIC.

Have a great morning, guys!

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