Alderman Zielinski under fire for home he’s building in Bay View

VIA FOX 6 Now MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee alderman is under fire for the home he's building in the city's Bay View neighborhood. Alderman Tony Zielinski is also running for mayor. Photographer Brent Bublitz captured footage of Zielinski's home, under construction, with his drone. His Facebook post has been viewed tens of thousands of times.  "It definitely hit a nerve. I like the design of the house. I don't like where it is," said Bublitz. Bublitz was critical of how the home's modern style fits among older Milwaukee homes. He wasn't alone, with several neighbors saying they have thoughts on how it looks, but they also didn't want to badmouth their soon-to-be neighbor on camera. "It changes the way the neighborhood looks. It sticks out quite a bit," said Bublitz. An assessment called the home a three-story mansion with 5,901 square feet of furnished living space.

The complete story here > Alderman Zielinski under fire for home he’s building in Bay View; he calls it ‘a personal matter’  

My question is....whould any of us be able to get away with this?  Have a listen below

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