Pay-to-park proposal meeting at Milwaukee County parks gets heated

via Fox 6 Now by BRET LEMOINE

MILWAUKEE -- A pay-to-park proposal at Milwaukee County parks isn't sitting well with taxpayers. A meeting Tuesday evening, Feb. 6 to discuss the issue got heated at times -- with many saying it's a bad idea. Some said they're concerned families won't be able to afford to visit the parks as frequently as they have in the past, and there was outrage from the public as to why the meeting was structured the way that it was.

It was an overwhelming "no" from the public, who, at times, yelled and chanted their displeasure for this plan.

"People want their parks," Patrick Small, Preserve Our Parks.

The 2018 Milwaukee County budget, passed by the board, includes $1.6 million in revenue from parking meters in parks, but supervisors pulled the item out for a separate vote. Some are even calling for additional legislation that would ban local or state leaders from proposing a similar plan in the future.

"People are outraged about this," Jason Haas, Milwaukee County supervisor said.

The complete story here > ‘People are outraged:’ Meeting on pay-to-park proposal at Milwaukee County parks gets heated

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