Cincinnati's streetcar DOESN'T WORK IN THE COLD!!

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The Cincinnati streetcar got off to a roaring start in September 2016, on a blue-skied sunny day.

But now, 16 months into its run, city leaders and streetcar operators say the city's five streetcars, manufactured in Spain by CAF USA, often don't work in extremely cold temperatures.

 On Wednesday, when the low temperature dipped into the single digits, all five streetcars were out of service. Thursday afternoon, the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, which manages the streetcar for the city, announced it will be down "until at least Monday to allow work on correcting numerous issues related to manufacturing and design defects."

Until the streetcars are fixed, SORTA will run buses along the line.

This isn't the first instance of issues. On New Year's Eve four of the five cars wouldn't work due to air compressor failure.

"This is unacceptable," said City Manager Harry Black. "CAF built these vehicles and must fix them."

The complete story here > Cincinnati streetcar down at least until Monday for repairs

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