Rep. Al Green introduces articles of impeachment against Trump--again

via Fox News by Brooke Singman

Rep. Al Green presented articles of impeachment on the House floor - yet again - Friday morning calling President Trump “unfit” for office, just one month after the House overwhelmingly rejected his last proposal, and just one day before Trump’s one year anniversary as commander-in-chief.  

Green, D-Texas, has repeatedly called for the president’s removal from office.  

“[The president] is unfit to defend the ideals that made America great, unfit to defend liberty and justice for all, unfit to defend the American ideals of all people created equal,” Green said on the House floor Friday morning. “Donald J. Trump is unfit to represent American values of decency and morality.”

Green accused Trump of “casting contempt among Muslims and sowing discord amongst the people of the United States,” before calling for his impeachment.

Green said the president should be “impeached for high misdemeanors,” and urged the Senate to accept the motion.


Impeachment resolutions are “privileged,” and must be considered right away or within two days.

The House elected Friday to postpone consideration of the impeachment resolution for now.

Last month, lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to kill Green’s resolution, with a group of 364 bipartisan lawmakers voting against it, and only 58 Democrats voting to move ahead.

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