WH press corps peppered Dr Jackson about the president's mental state


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The White House press corps apparently wants a second opinion. 

After the president's personal physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, told reporters Tuesday he administered a physical and mental health examination -- which President Trump passed with flying colors -- the reporters nonetheless peppered the doc with follow-ups. By our count, they asked 22 questions about whether Trump is actually mentally fit for office.

CNN's Jim Acosta asked Jackson: “Just to make sure we’re clear on this. When you analyze his cognitive ability or neurological functions, that’s not the same thing as a psychiatric exam?”

“No," Jackson replied. "It’s a screening assessment for cognitive impairment.”

Jackson then explained Trump was given the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which he said can be used to rule out the need for other mental health examinations. "His overall health is excellent," Dr. Jackson said repeatedly throughout the briefing. 

Another reporter asked, "There have been some questions as part of your examine, the president's mental fitness. He's pushed back on that. Can you assess the president's mental fitness for office?"

Dr. Jackson said Trump "did well" on his cognitive exam. 

Another unsatisfied reporter tried: "There was an incident recently where the president appeared to slur his words while giving an address. Did you look into what the cause of that might have been at all?"

Dr. Jackson said Trump's use of Sudafed the day prior may have "dried up his secretions a little bit" and that caused dry mouth, which caused his speech to sound slurred. 

Another reporter tried again: "Could you just elaborate in layman's term as possible -- you did a great job with that -- what you ruled out in these cognitive tests? There have been reports that president has forgotten names, repeating himself. Are you ruling things out early onset Alzheimer's, dementia?"

When one reporter mentioned that some have called Trump a "germaphobe," Dr. Jackson said he's been known to wash his hands and use Purell, which he suggests for anyone who shakes as many hands as a person like the president.

"Any other OCD behaviors?" a reporter shot back.


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