Wisconsin woos disgruntled millennials from failing Chicago

via The Washington Examiner by  Brendan Pringle

As scores of millennials ditch debt-ridden Chicago for greener pastures, Wisconsin is actively promoting its own opportunities for young workers, giving Midwestern progressives one more reason to resent Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Earlier this month, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation launched its $1 million "Think-Make-Happen in Wisconsin" advertising campaign, aimed at millennial workers in the Windy City. The campaign ads have been included in Chicago commuter trains and on platforms, on drink coasters in downtown Chicago bars and restaurants, and in health clubs. It also employs social media ads targeted at people between ages 21 and 34 who live in or around Chicago or are Wisconsin college alumni who have left Wisconsin.

While most of the ads highlight the shorter commutes in Wisconsin, other ads boast about Wisconsin's lower housing prices and lower property taxes. Millennials can’t afford the inflated cost of living in urban centers like Chicago and are looking to plant their roots in a place that is easier on their wallets — and safer. The city had a whopping 758 homicides in 2016.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin is actively trying to change its reputation as a flyover state. Its business-friendly atmosphere continues to attract new companies. One example is Foxconn, a Taiwan electronics company, whose manufacturing plant will soon be employing close to 13,000 workers there. The blue-collar boom that President Trump promised is quickly becoming a reality in the Badger State.

"We just don't have enough people," said Kelly Lietz, vice president of WEDC marketing. "People don't think of Wisconsin in the terms of all the opportunities it has to offer. People outside the state don't know and don't understand."

Thankfully for them, millennials are eager to leave Chicago and Illinois in general.

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