Seattle Libs Ruin the $5.00 Footlong Promotion

via Seattle Patch By Neal McNamara 

SEATTLE, WA — If you like sandwiches and hate $15 minimum wage, get ready to be enraged. A Seattle Subway franchise owner is citing the minimum wage law (and other labor costs) as the reason his two Subway locations won't sell those famous $5 footlong sandwiches - but he's not alone.

Subway canceled the $5 footlong promotion in 2015, but is bringing it back this month to the outrage of franchise owners. Some 400 franchise owners from around the U.S. have signed a petition against bringing back the deal, calling it "unprofitable."

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Some Subways Won't Sell $5 Footlongs Citing Labor Costs

The $5 footlong is too expensive for one Subway owner to sell. And he's not alone in holding back on the famous sub deal.

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