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Dear Listeners,

Over a decade ago, I got together with Cruise & Tour with one objective in mind... to see the world with you! And not just any old sites, I wanted us to visit the most interesting and exotic destinations on earth. That’s why I call it a “Trip of a Lifetime.” When we sat down to arrange my 12th “Trip of a Lifetime,” we realized that we had inadvertently been checking off sites on the New 7 Wonders of the World list. The Great Wall of China, check! Petra (this year), check! The Roman Colosseum, Machu Picchu, check, check!

It’s mind-blowing to think that I have had the good fortune to see these amazing places with group after group of WISN listeners. Quite frankly, these are places I wouldn’t have gone to on my own, they are just outside my comfort zone. My 2018 “Trip of a Lifetime” is no exception, and that is what I’ve grown to love about group travel with Cruise & Tour. The sights, the sounds, the tastes... it’s almost like stepping onto an airplane and landing on a new planet. It’s invigorating, and Cruise & Tour makes it easy. Just show up and they’ll show you the world.

In 2018 we’re going to see the Taj Mahal! (check)

That’s right, we’re going to India to see one of the most majestic works of architecture on the earth. Described by Poet Rabindranath Tagore as “a teardrop on the cheek of eternity,” the Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan as a memorial to his third wife who died giving birth to their 14th son. We’ve all seen photos of it but nothing will compare to seeing it in person during the two most dramatic times of the day — sunrise and sunset.

But that’s not all we’re going to see or do. India is a land full of marvels! Here are just afew of the highlights:

  • Ride an elephant to the palace at Amer Fort
  • Go on safari in Ranthambore National Park in search of the Bengal tiger
  • Experience true Indian hospitality and luxury at some of India’s finest hotels
  • Explore the ancient Elephanta Caves on Elephanta Island off the coast of Mumbai
  • Taste the unique and complex flavors of authentic Indian food
  • Relax and discover the Indian countryside via two first class train rides
  • Take in the amazing Mohabbat The Taj show
  • Experience India’s awe-inspiring array of architecture
  • Witness unforgettable sights of daily life in India

At the end of the day, we’ll want a comfortable spot to lay our heads and the accommodations Cruise & Tour has secured are nothing short of spectacular. Highlighted by our stays at the 5-Star ITC Rajputana in Jaipur and ITC Mughal in Agra, this is luxury at its finest and service that will make you feel like royalty. Speaking of royalty, the Taj Sawai Madhopur Lodge near Ranthambore National Park has played host to many royals through its 80-year existence including Queen Elizabeth II. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me!

Of course, all of this and so much more has been specially arranged by my friends at Cruise & Tour. There are so many details that go into creating a “Trip of a Lifetime”and company owners Peggy and Dennis Crull will be with us to see that your experience is every bit as spectacular as you dreamed it would be.

I am so excited to be making this journey and I hope you will join me. For reservations and additional information, call Cruise & Tour at 1 (800) 383-3131. But hurry, space is limited.

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