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via The Resurgent by Erick Erickson

I don't blame Roy Moore's voters for sticking with him. And I still think it is notable that the biggest pile and rush to judgment has come from establishment Republicans who have always hated Moore. But I have contended all along that the accusers were credible. Now we have a signed year book that, in and of itself, is nothing, but added to the pile starts to take on weight. Add to both the New Yorker story and the local story about Roy Moore going to the Gadsden Mall and there is a millstone involved.

As an aside, the New Yorker's reporter , Charles Bethea, has written about me in the past a couple of times. They were not fluff pieces and while I might have preferred some things going differently, I cannot say I felt slighted, maligned, or otherwise taken out of context to advance an agenda. He was thoroughly fair and deeply probative to make sure he got his facts right.

The problem here is this one: Roy Moore may be innocent, but his campaign has had since Friday to put on a compelling defense and go on offense against the accusations. They have not. As a result, he has allowed others to define the situation and seen his major national support flee. If you want to stick with him, so be it, but at some point the ship of a campaign takes on too much water to be salvageable.

The complete story here > Conservatives, It Really Is Time to Walk Away

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