Brokaw Slams Brazile for ‘Beyond Counter-Productive’ Clinton Exposure

via Newsbusters by Nicholas Fondacaro

The portion of former interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile’s book exposing ethically questionable behavior by the Clinton campaign surprisingly got a lot of play on the network Sunday morning shows. But during NBC’s Meet the Press, former anchor Tom Brokaw was not pleased with Brazile for shedding light on how the Clinton campaign bought the DNC and added it to their campaign arsenal. And towards the end of the program, he criticized her for doing so.

As the program was coming back from a commercial, Todd looked to veteran reporter Eugene Robinson and jokingly wondered, “What did the Clintons do to her? … I don't know what other way to ask this question.”

The complete story here > Brokaw Slams Brazile for ‘Beyond Counter-Productive’ Clinton Exposure

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