Lawmaker wants to lift ban on red-light cameras in Milwaukee

via Fox 6 news by  BEVERLY TAYLOR 

MILWAUKEE -- Reckless driving in Milwaukee is a problem the state may be able to solve, according to a state legislator who's pushing a bill to lift the ban on red-light cameras in the city.

Reckless driving -- sometimes with fatal consequences has become all-too-common on the streets of Milwaukee.

Some Common Council members would like to install red-light cameras and automated speed enforcement systems at troublesome intersections -- but they can't.

"This is something that is happening here that local elected officials are trying to address and we've got an issue with state pre-emption where they won't allow for us to take care of our own public safety," Milwaukee Alderman Cavalier Johnson said.

State Rep. David Crowley, D-Milwaukee is proposing legislation to lift the ban, as a way to give law enforcement tools to keep people safe.

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