“This is not the budget I had hoped to introduce”


MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Common Council hosted a public hearing Monday evening, October 9th on Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's proposed 2018 city budget -- a plan that has drawn criticism over cuts to police and firefighters.

During the hearing, one by one, residents approached members of the Common Council and asked them to reject public safety cuts in the proposed budget.

I cannot live with the cut. Can you?" one asked.

"We'd like to urge you to reconsider closing Engine 6," another said.

The proposal outlines a reduction in positions at MPD, as well as the fire department. As many as six stations could close, including the historic firehouse at Franklin and Brady on the city's east side. That could add up to 25 seconds to response times.

"Now is not the time to be cutting these services. If anything, we should be increasing in the most densely-populated areas," a resident said.

Count Mayor Barrett among those who also don't like the budget, even though it's his proposal.

"This is not the budget I had hoped to introduce," Barrett said.

Barrett said he must acknowledge the elephant in the room -- an overall lack of funds for the city to continue functioning as it has been.

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