Barrett wants trolley expansion after requesting cutting public safety

via Fox 6 Now by Ashley Sears

MILWAUKEE -- One day after a 2018 Milwaukee budget is proposed, an alderman is speaking out against the streetcar. Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski says he doesn't want it getting in the way of budgetary needs -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says the streetcar isn't the problem.

"No more expansion. We shouldn't even have a streetcar in the first place," said Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski.

Alderman Zielinski says expanding the streetcar would require city money that isn't there.

"While the mayor is saying we don't have enough money to adequately fund police and firefighters, he's still pushing this streetcar," Zielinski said.

The proposed 2018 budget would cut police officer and firefighter positions, close some fire houses, and raise property taxes. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says it has nothing to do with the streetcar.

The complete story here > “Shouldn’t even have a streetcar:” Milwaukee alderman says mayor’s 2018 budget is off the rails

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