UW-Madison wouldn't say this if it were a student KKK


via wisn.com by Ben Hutchison and Nick Bohr


A video produced by University of Wisconsin-Madison students shows pigs as cops being beheaded, and a state senator wants school officials to take action against the students involved.

Republican state Sen. Steve Nass sent out an email saying the video itself is racist.

"It's vile, anti-police. Unbelievable, quite frankly, when I first saw it," Nass said.

Nass wants a full investigation into the video, which was directed and produced by University of Wisconsin-Madison student Eneale Pickett. In the video, police officers are portrayed as pigs and, at the end, beheaded.

Pickett told the school newspaper it reflects his views on police brutality and racism. It's also being used to promote his clothing line.

The complete story here > State senator wants UW-Madison to investigate controversial video

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