Barrett says don't tell us how to spend money on streetcar

via by Tom Daykin

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is asking Gov. Scott Walker to veto provisions in the new state budget that restrict state and city funding for the downtown streetcar, as well as local funds used to improve neighborhood business districts.

Barrett also wants Walker to veto another item that would nearly double the land for which Marquette University pays no property taxes.

The streetcar funding restrictions appear to be largely symbolic. Milwaukee isn't funding that project through either of the two methods covered by the budget provision.

But the item on business improvement districts would reduce the amount that districts can raise for activities such as downtown Milwaukee's Holiday Lights Festival. And the Marquette provision could shift a greater property tax burden to Milwaukee businesses and residents.

Rep. Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) sponsored the funding ban. He said in a statementit is needed to stop a "looming threat" that the streetcar would seek state cash.

The complete story here > Mayor Barrett to Gov. Walker: Don't tell Milwaukee how to spend its money on streetcar

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