Another liberal hack exposed: Potential Ryan Opponent


via Media Trackers by Jerry Bader

Democrat Randy Bryce hopes to unseat Speaker of the House Paul Ryan from in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional district in 2018. So he must have savored the opportunity to put himself on display in a CNN interview. Then, the hosts pointed out the Bryce supports universal health care and asked how he would pay for it:

Bryce says he’d pay for a $32 trillion dollar universal health care system(over ten years) by raising taxes…a $32 million dollar tax hike? “Well there are a lot of people getting away with not paying their fair share in taxes right now.” When pressed by the hosts on the magnitude of such an increase, Bryce doubled down on the notion that many people aren’t “paying their fair share in taxes.”

A longtime activist with a penchant for the dramatic, Bryce is well-known for his antics and temper; especially in the post-Act 10 era of Wisconsin politics. In addition to his activism, Bryce is no stranger to runs for public office.

In 2012, he lost a Democratic Primary for a state assembly seat. This was followed up by a 10-way primary loss for a seat on the Racine County Board of Education in 2013. Bryce followed this up with a 24-point loss for a state senate seat in 2014.

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