Robert Kraft is like all guys, he paid for sex

You will always pay for sex. And marriage is probably the most expensive way to pay for it.

There is a national moral panic over New England Patriots' owner Robert Kraft's misdemeanor arrest in Florida. Police say he paid a woman at a day spa for sex. He is one of hundreds of people caught in the sting, but since he is the only NFL owner, his name is in the headlines.

As we supposed to be angry that he paid this woman? Would you prefer she do it for free? What if he would have taken her to dinner? Or for coffee? Or met her on Tinder? Or paid her rent? Those things happens every day in this country, and police and moral preeners seem to be okay with them.

Kraft simply cut to the chase.

He's now being smeared as some sort of human trafficker, despite the complete lack of evidence to back-up that claim.

Police in Florida, and pundits on TV, are in fact ignoring the evidence that shows this woman worked in the day spa because it paid her better than other jobs.

You and I may disagree on whether a woman or a man (gender equity?) can sell their 'labor.' But there's little disagreement over the idea that there is a cost associated with sex.

Kraft is facing misdemeanor charges, -- Which which begs the question, when was the last time you saw a live news conference on CNN for misdemeanor charges? -- He will likely spend zero time in jail, and is in no way a threat to the public.

But he is an NFL owner, and a billionaire, and a Trump supporter. So he we are, listening to the outrage machine squawk about his $200 handy-j.

Listen to "The school on Sunday prosecution of Robert Kraft" on Spreaker.

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