4th-grade Oconto Falls teacher gives students lesson in Trump-hating

By M.D. Kittle/Empower Wisconsin

MADISON — An Oconto Falls Elementary school teacher told his 4th-grade students that he hopes President Donald Trump will never be president again and that the former president should be “impeached by the Senate,” according to video obtained by Empower Wisconsin.

The video, forwarded to Empower Wisconsin by talk show host Vicki McKenna, shows teacher Jeffrey Schullo giving his charges a very one-sided civics lesson on the morning of Inauguration Day, hours before Joe Biden took the oath of office and Trump’s term ended.

“He’s kind of leaving in shame and not one of my favorite people right now,” Schullo says during his online class. The video of the class, which was posted by Facebook, was posted by a family clearly astounded by the teacher’s “lesson.”

“He’s got a funny, power-hungry thing about him that’s just — and I hope you remember — that’s very uncharacteristic of a presidential person,” the educator says. “He’s done a number of things which are unconscionable and, let’s hope, I’m hopeful, he will never be president again.”

Schullo ticked off a string of personal political grievances, from his disdain for Trump’s handling of the pandemic to his inability to accept the result of the presidential election.

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