VIDEO: Ellen restores my faith in the future of comedy, oh and America too

I've been praying that comedians would start pushing back on this PC culture. Dave Chappelle and Bill Barr's Netflix specials shed light on the direction we're heading. We're all different, we all have different views on all sorts of topics. It doesn't mean we need to hate each other because we don't agree with each other. It's OK to have differing views, and it's OK to poke fun at each other. On Monday's Ellen show, Ellen talked about her experience at the Dallas/Green Bay game. She was sitting in owner Jerry Jones' suite next to former President George Bush. As expected, the virture-signaling crowd went wild on social media. Her response is the best. This 4 minute video is best example of how I and millions of Americans (both on the right and left) feel. Oh, and she's a Packers fan too!

Gregory Jon

Gregory Jon

Gregory Jon has been a big part of the Milwaukee radio scene since 1991. Read more


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