Ahh, Billie Eilish, Lionel Ritchie did that in the 80's

I didn't watch SNL until the next morning. Like most of Amercians, I watch the clips on You Tube throughout the next couple of days. Typical Trump bashing, but there were some tidbits of humor. Normally I blow past the musical guests, but after seeing all the entertainment websites going bonkers over Billie Eilish's "gravity-defying" performance, I had a to check it out

Watch Billie Eilish's gravity-defyingSaturday Night Live performance

Billie Eilish turned 'SNL' upside down — literally

Confused As To How Billie Eilish Pulled Off That "Saturday Night Live" Performance? Let Us Explain.

I thought to myself..hmmm .I've seen that before. Oh Yeah, Lionel Ritchie's 80's hit "Dancing on the Ceiling". At least I understood what Lionel was singing. Check them out below.

Gregory Jon

Gregory Jon

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