Chicago at Summerfest was a downer, but Leonid and Friends made up for it

So, I was fired up to see the group Chicago at Summerfest. I've seen them a couple of times in the past and I know the group is a revolving door, but there was always the core of Robert Lamm, Lee Loughnane, James Pankow and Walter Parazaider. Leading up to the concert, I watched a couple of documentaries on Netflix, including the one about Terry Kath which I highly recommend. OK, I knew Walter Paraziader retired from touring a decade ago. So I was ready for the show. Wait a minute, there's only Lee Loughnane and James Pankow, where's Robert Lamm? The energy wasn't there. The songs just didn't seem to sound the same. Well being the social media whore that I am, I took to Twitter. "I just saw the worst Chicago cover band ever. Summerfest, you need a refund". Alright, I didn't hear about Robert Lamm being hospitalized at Mount Sinai. The good news, Lamm will be OK. He was diagnosed with vertigo. I keep forgetting that all these guys are in there 70's. I guess I just was hoping to hear the songs the way I remembered. So Chicago, I'm sorry.

The good news, a number of my Facebook freinds and followers on Twitter gave me a heads up about an actual Chicago cover band they say sounds better than the actual band Chicago. Leonid & Friends is a Russian group that's been touring the country for the past couple of years and played at Summerfest US Cellular Stage. Follow this link for more information about this band and some more videos. Fantastic! >>> Leonid & Friends


Here's the studio version here

Gregory Jon

Gregory Jon

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