When severe storms are forecast in your area here are several things you should do.

In case of power failure, have your car gassed up and purchase ice and store in the freezer.  Make sure cell phones and tablets are fully charged for communication.  Make sure you have several flashlights that have fresh batteries in them.  Avoid using candles to light your way through the house.

I would also test the sump pump to make sure it is working.  Test the battery back-up sump pump if you have that system.

If you have a generator make sure it is gassed up and functioning.  Do not use generators in the house or near windows.  Generators should also be protected from the elements.

If there is water damage after the storm, make sure you find the source and make repairs.  Do not allow materials in your house to stay wet for an extended period of time.

A watch means conditions are ripe for a tornado or thunderstorm.

A warning means to take cover it is imminent or has been spotted.

Gardening expert reminds you:

After the storm and clearing debris. . . . 

1 - Be careful with the power equipment afterwards

2 - Use certified arborists