CDC Running Ad Telling Kids Not to Play Together

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is running a public service announcement on radio stations across the country urging children to "help save lives by not having play dates." Instead, the 30-second radio spot instructs them, they can replace get-togethers "with virtual play dates and video chats, they can stop the evil spread of germs."

In addition, children who do go outside to play (presumably by themselves), they should "stay six feet away from others to protect everyone in Americaland."

According to the CDC's own data, children represent "0.00%-0.27% of all COVID-19 deaths" and "1.6%-4.1% of their total cumulated hospitalizations." Just "0.1%-2.0% of all...child COVID-19 cases resulted in hospitalization."

Still, the CDC apparently believes it is still too dangerous for children to play together outside and will be until at least next spring, as the public service announcement is set to run on radio stations until April of 2022.

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