Wisconsin Brewery to Sue to Force Mandatory Masks in Schools Statewide

The owner of the Minocqua Brewing Company is planning to file federal lawsuits in an effort to force all school districts in Wisconsin to require students to wear masks.

Kirk Bangstad, who lost in a landslide to Wisconsin Rep. Rob Swearingen last November, announced on the brewery's Facebook page that he plans that he will file a pair of federal "public nuisance" lawsuits in a deliberate attempt at getting a sympathetic judge to issue an injunction requiring all school districts across the state to mandate masks.

[Our attorney] is going to use a “public nuisance” argument to convince judges in both districts to provide injunctive relief against all school boards actively promoting daily super spreader events by not forcing kids in schools to wear masks and socially distance," Bangstad wrote. "He says if we get the right judge, he/she could IMMEDIATELY force students to wear masks around the state until the defense has enough time to build a case."

Such blatant "judge shopping" is a highly unethical practice in which a plaintiff files multiple identical (and often frivolous) lawsuits in the hope of finding a judge who will both hear the suit and rule favorably.

Bangstad is soliciting money for these lawsuits through a Super PAC he established.

"While I disagree that corporations should be able to influence politics through the use of 'dark money,' which was allowed in the aftermath of the historically awful Supreme Court decision 'Citizen’s United,'" Bangstad wrote on his Super PAC's website, adding that he would use his own corporation to influence politics through the use of dark money.

"Since the Minocqua Brewing Company is a corporation, and since I think my Republican representation in the Northwoods is poisonous for the people that live here," he wrote, "I’m creating a SuperPAC to help defeat these people in 2022."

On his Facebook page, Bangstad bragged that he had already raised $250,000 for his lawsuits, which have not yet been filed.

"If you’re worried about your kid or grandkid getting Covid, and in turn giving it to you, because anti-science nut jobs are playing politics with school safety, consider chipping in for this lawsuit," he urged his Facebook followers. "These lawsuits are the very definition of doing something for the 'Public Good.' We have had enough selfish 'My Freedom is more important than Public Health' sentiment in this state and country.

"It’s time for intelligent and reasonable adults to take the wheel and the anti-intellectual 'I've done my own research' bottom-dwellers to sit down and shut up."

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