54,000 Indefinitely Confined Voters Never Showed Photo ID

A Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) report released this week reveals that a staggering 54,360 voters who claimed indefinite confinement did not have valid photo identification on file with their municipal clerk and were thus able to circumvent Wisconsin's Voter ID Law.

The WEC's Election Data Report reveals that 265,979 voters (a full 12.6% of the state's total voters) claimed to be "indefinitely confined [to their homes] because of age, physical illness or infirmity" or were "disabled for an indefinite period" in accordance with Wisconsin Statute 6.86(2). Given that just 70,218 claimed indefinite confinement during the 2018 election cycle, this sudden 279% increase is even more suspicious.

In March, Dane County Clerk Scott McDonnell and Milwaukee County Clerk George Christensen both gave patently unlawful advice for all voters to claim indefinite confinement even if they weren't actually confined to their homes. The COVID-19 outbreak, they claimed, meant everyone in the state was indefinitely confined. After Republicans complained, the Wisconsin Supreme Court stepped in and rebuked this unlawful advice, but not before hundreds of thousands of people apparently followed it.

Dan O'Donnell covered this story extensively Wednesday. Click on the player below and click here to subscribe to "The Dan O'Donnell Show" on iHeartRadio

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