The Worst Person in Wisconsin Politics is Now on the Ethics Commission

Outgoing Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling has named to the Wisconsin Ethics Commission the truly unhinged Scot Ross, who was deeply involved in the Legislative Caucus Scandal has spent the past decade tweeting vile, disgusting, and genuinely sociopathic attacks on Republicans.

Ross, who previously ran One Wisconsin Now, served as a member of the Democratic Caucus during the 2001 scandal, in which members of the caucus did illegal campaign work on state time.

The Wisconsin Ethics Commission, which is made up of six appointees from the Governor, as well as the State Senate and Assembly's Majority and Minority Leaders, governs ethics by politicians, political groups, and lobbyists in the state.

Ross' admitted illegal activity in the Caucus Scandal (which cost the state nearly $4,000 in his legal fees alone) alone would be enough to disqualify him as a serious member of the Ethics Commission, but Ross has spent nearly a decade on social media posting unhinged, disgusting, and truly psychotic things about Republicans and conservatives.

*****WARNING: These tweets include highly inappropriate and sexually explicit language******

Just two days before Shilling appointed him to the Ethics Commission, Ross tweeted this about former Republican Wisconsin Assemblyman Adam Jarchow:

A day later, Shilling issued a statement announcing that she had picked Ross for the Ethics Commission.

"Over the past decade Scot Ross has championed efforts to preserve Wisconsin’s proud tradition of clean, open and transparent government, high ethical standards and protect voting rights for every Wisconsin resident," she said. "Scot is a strong and outspoken advocate for fairness and opportunity and will bring a wealth of personal experience and expertise to the Ethics Commission."

Ross' tweets from the prior few weeks show just what Shilling means when she calls him an "outspoken advocate:"

Ross has focused much of his bile on Senator Johnson over the past few months:

Ross also tweeted a truly bizarre, misogynistic attack on FOX News Host Jeanine Pirro in January:

Ross' tweets also prominently feature homophobic, sexually charged attacks on President Trump, former House Speaker Paul Ryan, and various other Republicans:

His Twitter rants go back a decade, as this bizarre 2013 broadside against Congressman Glenn Grothman (who at the time was serving in the Wisconsin Assembly):

Naturally, Ross has spent the past few years launching vulgar attacks on President Trump:

In spite of (or perhaps because of) these genuinely sociopathic tweets, Ross was the go-to liberal in media stories on Wisconsin politics for years, as he was quoted in literally dozens of stories over the past decade.

His appointment to the Ethics Commission is likely to backfire on Shilling however, as his years of unhinged, hateful attacks on Republicans demonstrate manifest bias that will be used to overturn in court any and all Commission decisions that go against Republicans or in favor of Democrats.

Ross will serve on the Commission until May, 2024.

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